By Jen Azevedo – General Manager

If you are in the Santa Clarita Valley and you are a parent of a young child, you are constantly trying to find balance.


Balance to give your child a great time along with finding an outlet or two for yourself.  When you are at Paseo Club, you get to blend the two into a perfect equation of fun for the entire family.  A guideline for how your child can grow up at Paseo Club:


At three months, a baby is old enough to spend their first hours in our incredible Kids Club.  In the baby room, children aged 3 months until 4 years are given the opportunity to play with interactive toys, color, and enjoy supervised time outdoors in a beautiful setting.  Our Kids Club Crew pride themselves on helping the littles have fun while learning in a creative environment.  There are themes for seasons, summer water play days, and plenty of chances for mom and dad to take a terrific class, play a few sets, or enjoy a drink by the pool.  The littlest kids max out at 2 hours with our Kids Club Crew, which still leaves time to enjoy all the club has to offer the adults.

Once a toddler hits 4, it’s time to graduate and into the Big Kids room they will run.  Still designed for a creative learning environment, the bigger kids are able to play on their own with puzzles, crafts and more time outdoors.  It’s an exciting time to graduate!  It’s also a wonderful opportunity to look into some of the other juniors offerings at Paseo Club.  From ages 3-5, Saturday mornings offer a first glimpse into a tennis career with our Preschool Performance clinic.  Our terrific coaches use the Net Generation red balls and play games to teach foundational skills to be used on the tennis court as they grow.

In the summer, swim lessons with Dorado swim offer the chance to encourage pool safety, and provide the foundation for Paseo Aquatics later on, or just a chance to enjoy our Friday night Dive In Movies all summer long.  In the summer months, lifeguards are always on duty to help keep our little swimmers safe.

After age 12, a Paseo kid becomes their own part of the membership.  A junior certification for the gym allows for safe instruction for working out, as exercise continues to be at the forefront of our time on site.  Kids Fitness takes place each week as a chance to sweat it out with your peers.  Tennis with preschool performance turns into Net Gen growth into orange and green dot balls, and entry into Junior Team Tennis and SSV tournament events.

Teens are encouraged to participate in teen pickleball, junior tennis academy, Paseo Aquatics, as well as enjoy themselves in our monthly DJ Cycle classes.


As your child grows up at Paseo Club, they will be surrounded by a desire to enjoy the club safely on their own and with the family, giving parents a chance to perfectly balance family and fun all in one place.