We all know the benefits of swimming: cardiovascular fitness, low-impact workouts, increased muscle strength and tone.


But what about the body of water that serves as the sport’s training ground? How important is the pool, itself, in achieving those physical returns? Turns out– pretty meaningful.

Health and Safety, Modernization, Compliance and Programming are key renovation mandates– and all play a vital role in the end product and the benefits swimmers reap. Repairs and upgrades satisfy many safety protocols. New equipment, such as state-of-the-art filtration systems and pool heaters, ensure the highest level of water quality. Then there are facility-related imperatives, such as lane lines, starting blocks and revamped deck surfaces that maximize programming.

The Paseo Club, a swim/tennis, fitness facility situated in Valencia, California, is undergoing a massive renovation, targeting the needs of its membership and swim curriculum. Whether it’s cross training, swim team practice, leisurely laps or fun in the sun, the club’s new swimming pool will incorporate all aspects of its intended use, with a goal of exceeding any and all expectations.

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