Re-Opening Plans UPDATES - The Paseo Club


MAY 20TH 2020

We want to thank our wonderful members for all their support as we’ve started our process of reopening the Paseo Club. Our first week has been extremely exciting, and we’ve enjoyed seeing so many of you back inside our gates. We realize not everything is “business as usual” and we truly appreciate everyone’s patience and adherence to the new norms in place for keeping us all healthy as we enjoy the club.

We’re constantly making changes and updates to better serve our members and community, and we hope you are looking forward to the many more changes ahead. Here are a few new pieces to the Paseo Club:

1. Check in and Check out: In an ongoing effort to keep better track of our numbers at all times, we have installed a new scanner at the front desk to allow members and staff to check out as they leave the Paseo Club. This will help our staff to keep our numbers consistent during operating hours, which in turn will help to keep all members and staff healthy. Please continue to use the no-touch check in when you arrive at the club, and now repeat the procedure as you exit.

2. No shows: As so many of you have seen, the numbers in our classes are being more strictly monitored, to allow for the appropriate distancing in all our outdoor classes. As such, the classes are filled quickly. In an effort to keep no-shows at a minimum, we will be assessing a $5 charge for any no-show to a class or drill. You can unregister for any class online, or call the club and we can help you here. The fee will be assessed for any cancelation less than an hour before the start of class time, to help allow a waitlisted member the opportunity to be added to class.

3. Memorial Day hours: It’s not the Memorial Day we’ve come to expect at Paseo Club, but we will enjoy it just the same. Hours for this Monday, May 25 will be 5am to 4pm. A complete class schedule will be available for the morning and afternoon.

Lastly, click here for an updated list of policies for using the outdoor yard space for your workouts. Keeping track of cleaning, social distancing and mask usage will help the club to continue moving forward into our next chapter as soon as possible!

Thank you all for your continued support!

Paseo Club Management

MAY 14TH 2020

Here’s our Fitness Director Cézanne Youmazzo giving us more information on the outdoor activities we are opening up with on this Saturday May 16th! Part of our Health Squared system!

General Fitness Rules/Personal Training Rules:
– Must make reservations for all classes and outdoor fitness time.
– No masks are required while exercising outdoors but are required to enter and exit the building.
– Please bring your own towels, mats, water and sunscreen as they will not be provided.
– For your safety, please wipe off all equipment before and after use
– Members and staff are required to stay a minimum of six feet apart at all times due to CDC, IHRSA and OSHA regulations.
– Maximum of 1 hour reservations for all fitness spaces.
– All personal training will be outdoors maintaining a six foot distance between client and trainer.

Pilates Rules:
– Pilates classes are $22 per class, You can upgrade to Platinum for $129 for unlimited Pilates Reformer sessions all other outdoor fitness classes are included in the membership.
– All Members will be required to wear socks while utilizing our Pilates Reformers.
– Pilates Reformers and props must be wiped down after each use by members.
– Bring your own towels, mats, water, and sunscreen. as they will not be provided.

Cycle Rules:
– We are not utilizing Spivi at this time. Please sign up for cycle on Club Automation, or the Paseo Club app.
– Class size varies from 6-9 people per class.
– No masks are required while exercising outdoors but are required to enter and exit the building.
– All classes are first come first serve so you will not be able to reserve a certain bike.
– Please bring your own towel, water and sunscreen, as they will not be provided.

Group Ex Rules:
– Must make reservations for all classes and outdoor fitness time. Class size is a maximum of 8 people per class.
– No masks are required while exercising outdoors but are required to enter and exit the building.
– Please bring a towel, water, and sunscreen.
– For your safety, please sanitize all equipment before and after use.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to book a tennis class, time on “The Yard” and a spot on a Group Exercise class through our Club Automation website.

MAY 13TH 2020

A message from our General Manager about all the great things coming from Paseo Club. We are very excited to welcome back our members to our unique and wonderful facility. Attached is the official check-in policy for Paseo Club with our On Premises Requirements. We list these for our members at this time to help answer any questions about our safety protocols as we enter this new normal, and make adjustments in our routines to keep our members and staff healthy and happy.

1. Masks are required in ALL indoor spaces. No mask = no entry.

2 All members, staff and vendors will require a temperature check upon entering the Paseo Club. This includes all children. Any temperature above 100.3 degrees will be retested after 5 minutes. If a fever is determined, the individual will not be permitted entry into Paseo Club. Re-entry at a later date may require a physician visit and doctor’s note.

3. Any Paseo Club member, staff or vendor with potential exposure to outbreak or virus are to notify the Paseo Club Management and go into a 14-day quarantine. We will place your account on hold for 14 days with no penalty. Out of respect for the club we want to ensure that we do not put others at risk,

4. The Covid-19 pre-screen questionnaire is to be completed by front desk personnel for all staff EACH DAY upon arrival to the club.

5. Out of respect to the Paseo Club, any member, staff or vendor who is feeling unwell or has any symptoms of fever, flu, cough or respiratory problems should refrain from using Paseo Club facilities. Paseo Club maintains the right to refuse entry to any person exhibiting symptoms.

6. Illness posters are at the Front Desk to remind members, staff and vendors that if they are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of fever, flu, cough or respiratory problems, they should refrain from using Paseo Club facilities. Paseo Club maintains the right to refuse entry to any person exhibiting symptoms.

7. Notices are posted at the Front Desk to remind members, staff and vendors to use the hand sanitizer upon entry and exit from the Paseo Club,

8. Notices are posted in the restrooms to demonstrate proper handwashing procedures. All members, staff and vendors are required to properly wash their hands before exiting the restroom.

9. Signage is posted throughout the Paseo Club reminding members and staff to sanitize equipment before and after each use to prevent illness. Paseo Club staff will be working with members to educate and continually enforce this process for the safety of all.

10. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing will be done in and around the Paseo Club with a high frequency. All rooms will be on a continuous schedule of strict sanitization. This schedule will be in addition to the cleaning and sanitizing done in fitness spaces after classes are held.

** All towel service, saunas, steam room, locker, and shower access will be suspended until further notice.

Gloves as PPE items will be made available to members. Members are to provide their own masks for entry into Paseo Club and to be in any indoor spaces.

Employee PPE items available:
1. Gloves
2. Disposable masks
3. Goggles as needed
4. Employees will be assigned to specific workstations/ computers.

Thank you!

Paseo Club Management

MAY 12TH 2020

We are getting closer to our open date! Reservations are available for open areas at Paseo Club, and our staff is looking forward to welcoming our members back. As we look toward our new normal, we want you to feel comfortable with all our procedures and precautions. Watch Jen as she goes through the process of entry into the club and onto the courts!

MAY 9TH 2020

Happy weekend, Paseo families! As we get closer to our reopen date and your first reservations to come play, swim, or workout, we know you have questions about your kids. Here is a list of our FAQ regarding our open and how the new precautions and procedures in our Health Squared system will work.

1. Hour and services: Our kids club will be available for reservations Monday-Friday from 8am – 8pm and weekends from 7:50am – 1pm. Reservations are REQUIRED for each child in the kids club at this time. There will be no walk-ins available.

2. How many kids can be in Kids Club at the same time?
There is a maximum in each room of eight children at any one time.

3. How long can my kids stay?
Children will be held to a two-hour time limit in this first phase of our reopening.

4. Will masks be required for the kids?
Masks are optional for kids coming to Kids Club. The Kids Club staff will be required to wear masks and gloves while working.

5. What’s the best way to come prepared for dropping my children off?
Each child should bring their own sippy cup/water bottle for each visit. If your child is in diapers, please provide a bag with all necessary items. We have cupboard space to store items. Please leave all outside toys at home.

6. What precautions are being taken in kids club to stave off the spread of germs?
First, if your child is sick, please stay home! We will be observing the following procedures while in the kids club at this time: Outdoor play structure will be washed down and sanitized daily, and children will wash & sanitize hands upon each visit to the playground. Kids will be encouraged and reminded to spread out and observe social distancing. All porous toys have been disposed of in both kids rooms. Any toys to come into contact with any bodily fluid will be set aside in a “drool bin” for sanitization. Both rooms will be cleaned and sanitized during each shift, and both have sanitizing stations and access to sinks for handwashing.

7. How do I check into my reservation?
You’ll use your phone/fob for touchless entry into the club with your own reservation. Staff members will be on-hand to assist in temperature checks and entry to the club. Once admitted, you may bring your children to the kids club rooms to drop them off.

8. What events will be happening?
At this time, we will be canceling all Drop & Shop and Date Nights. In an abundance of caution, we are not hosting any events that will draw larger crowds. Seasonal break activities will be scheduled as dates approach.

9. How will I pay?
As before, members will have the option to purchase an unlimited monthly pass for childcare reservations for $40 per child ($20 for each additional child) or use the hourly rate for drop offs.

10. What is the policy for sick children?
If your child has experienced any of the following within 24 hours of your scheduled reservation, please call to cancel your reservations and stay home:
– Fever
– Any symptoms of childhood diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, mups, chicken pox or whooping cough
– Vomiting and/or diarrhea
– Runny nose with any discolored discharge
– Sore throat
– Any unexplained rash or skin infection
– Head lice (children must be free of all nits)

Reminder that members must remain on Paseo Club premises at all times when your child is at the kids club. Failure to comply will result in a loss of childcare. If you have any other questions, please contact Lakeeta at [email protected].

Thank you!


MAY 8TH 2020

To our Paseo members,

As we’ve been taking the time to fully prepare for your return to the Paseo Club next Saturday, May 16th, we are still keeping in line with all precautions and advice handed down from various agencies. As such, we are putting on hold your reservations for coming to play, lift, swim and enjoy Paseo until this Tuesday. At that time, we will open all reservations to be made for up to seven days in advance.

Thank you for your patience as we make sure the club is ready for a grand re-open. We can’t wait to see you next weekend!

Rene da Costa
General Manager
The Paseo Club


MAY 6TH 2020

Introducing The Paseo Club Health² system. It’s a way to re-introduce fitness activities at the club and a system we’ve developed to ensure that all of our associates and members are healthy!  There’s no arguing that fitness activities are healthy for you. We’re adding the extra health dimension by making sure the club is consistently sanitized and that we’re implementing safeguards to protect everyone the best we can from unnecessary exposure.

Tennis/Pickleball Procedures and Precautions

Paseo people!  It’s coming.  The reopening.  The chance to get back on your favorite courts and safely play the sports we love.  What does the new normal look like?  Here is a list of the precautions and procedures that Paseo will be implementing as we open our doors to keep us all playing and staying healthy.

First off, we will continue to closely monitor the guidelines coming from the city, county, state and country as well as those from the USTA, CDC, IHRSA and OSHA.  We are not looking at breaking any laws or doing anything not deemed to be a safe activity.  That means we will have some fluidity in these precautions and procedures as new information is presented.  Please be patient with us as we look to navigate this new world.  We would love to get back as quickly as possible to all the things we love, but we need to be smart and safe.

New procedures on getting into Paseo: 

  • When you approach the doors, you’ll do so with a reservation to get in.
  • We will be taking all reservations a week in advance for this first period, and will not be allowing walk in traffic.
  • Because we understand that it will take a few weeks to shake off the rust safely, we’ve moved your reservation times.
  • The ball machine may be reserved for an hour, singles courts will get 90 minutes, and doubles will have two hours.
  • All names must be on the reservation, as they will get you in the door.
  • Once in the door, our front desk staff will take your temperature and you’ll turn to a hand sanitizer station.
  • You’ll need to be wearing a mask to get in.
  • Please be aware of social distancing as you come in, and be patient as we navigate in the beginning.


Before playing:

  1. If you are not feeling well or have shown any symptoms of being sick, STAY HOME.
  2. Wash your hands before playing.
  3. Bring your own rackets/paddles, balls, towels and water.  There will not be any towel service nor will there be available water on the courts any longer.
  4. Balls: The USTA has recommended using new balls each time you play.  We will have gloves available at the front desk to use if you would like to keep one on your non dominant hand while playing.  Another option is to use two cans of balls, and only touch your own.  With regards to pickleball, we are able to sanitize the balls, and used balls will be cleaned after play.


While playing:

  1. Singles is recommended, but if you choose to play doubles, avoid any contact with your partner.  Do not high five, shake hands, chest bump, etc.
  2. Please respect the socially distanced placement of the chairs.  We have removed the benches for your safety.
  3. When changing sides of the court, do so on opposite sides of the court.
  4. Try to not touch your face.


After playing:

  1. Leave the court as soon as play concludes
  2. Wash your hands immediately after playing
  3. The locker room and showers are unavailable at this time.
  4. Leave the facility as soon as is convenient


The club has worked hard to reopen during this time with the best interests of staff and members at heart.  As much as we would love to open with a bang and a party, it is not feasible at this time.  While we are open, we are not encouraging any congregation at this time.  Please come in to play and workout.  When done, wash your hands and go home.  Come back the next day.  We will all need to slowly reacclimate ourselves, and if we do so safely, we can begin to enjoy the club more and more.

Thank you all for your cooperation and help – we’ve missed our members!

Jennifer Azevedo
Director of Tennis & Pickleball
The Paseo Club
27650 Dickason Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 257-0044

MAY 4TH 2020

Hello Paseo!! We have been compiling some of our most frequently asked questions for this new and exciting reopening of the club we love. As a tennis facility, we are still planning for a reopen date coming in the next two weeks, and we want all of you to be prepared to navigate as we open the doors. Here are some of your questions answered:

1. Do we need masks to play tennis/pickleball?
No. You’ll need a mask to get in and out of the club, and for anything done indoors. On the courts, social distance opportunities make the masks unnecessary. When we are able to hold indoor classes, masks will be required for workout spaces.

2. How will our reservations work?
You will need a reservation to get into the club for all your activities during our first phase of reopening. Court reservations may extend up to two hours for play, but in staying with guidelines endorsed by the USTA/IPTPA, you are encouraged to play your tennis and/or do your workout and then leave the club. Loitering will not be allowed at this time, in an effort to keep numbers consistent through the day and to keep social distancing applicable to all. Our new group exercise schedule, with outdoor offerings, will be posted as we approach our reopen date. Please note that fitness classes will be capped at smaller numbers based on social distancing and tennis courts will be limited to a total of four players per reservation.

3. Are guests allowed?
At this time, guests will not be permitted into the club. We will be doing our best to keep numbers consistent during the day, and will be allowing members only. We know that many spaces will not be reopening as Paseo will be able to do, and we are happy to get to know your friends and family as they may need a new home for activities. As soon as we are able, we will be allowing for guests to come along with you to get to know the Paseo Club!

4. What happened to our March credit?
When we were made to close our doors in the second half of March, we issued a statement that mentioned a credit for the time our members were unable to use the facilities. We do plan to credit accounts, and once we are able to reopen, we will take the opportunity to assess the best way to credit member accounts.

5. Will I need to bring my own towel?
Yes. When we reopen, our first phase will require that members bring their own towels, mats for class and water. There will be no water available on the tennis courts.

6. Can I shower before leaving?
No. Until mandates are lifted and changed, all indoor showers, locker rooms, saunas and steam rooms are not permitted to be open. The outdoor shower next to the pool will be available for rinsing off after swimming.

7. Can I swim and hang with my family?
Yes. You’ll need to provide your own towels, and the outdoor showers will be available for rinsing off after using the pool/hot tub. Social distancing is required when in the water, unless swimming laps. All lap swimmers must use their own lanes to swim. Only lane sharing for family members will be allowed.

8. Will the cafe be open, and will we be able to sit and have a drink with friends.
Yes. The cafe will open with limited hours and a limited menu to help ensure sanitization and safety for all. While we have always encouraged social time, during this first phase, please be respectful of social distancing while at the club and observe all procedures for healthy spacing and limited numbers on site.

9. How will the seating arrangements look on the tennis courts?
The benches are being removed for this time, so we can help to avoid close social interaction during breaks in play. Chairs will be set out on the courts for the players to use, and must remain spaced as they offer the best social distance options. When you arrive on the court, please use a wipe from the sanitizing station to wipe down your chair, and then only use that chair for the duration of your time. When you are preparing to leave the courts, please again clean your chair for the next players coming in.

10. What about lessons and drills?
Private lessons are encouraged as we are all rusty, and will need some time to reacclimate our tennis before normal play begins. Group lessons are allowed, but will be required to fall into the max 4 people guidelines. Members are not allowed to touch any balls in the hoppers nor help push the mowers. There will be no serve practice in lessons during the first phase of reopen. Pros will be responsible for picking up all balls and using the baskets. (Members may help push balls back to corners, but won’t touch balls.) For the first phase of our reopen, all Platinum classes will be available, but will be capped at three players of the level indicated on the class description. Any class that does not have players signed up by 24 hours in advance will be canceled for that day.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please send it to [email protected] to get on our next FAQ session!



Dear Paseo Club Members:

I wanted to respond to the many messages I have received following our announcement yesterday that the Paseo Club was planning to Re-Open on May 16th. Thank you for all the warm messages of support and encouragement! The entire Paseo Club Team is excited to see you and get back to work! We are all in this together and we are focused on providing a healthy environment as we transition to the next phase of our “new normal” life.

First, let me be clear that the Paseo Club is going to follow the guidelines and orders of the various Governmental agencies guiding our community. We also are working closely with the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) and United States Tennis Association (USTA) to follow best practices on operating a healthy and member-focused tennis and health club.

As we described in our email yesterday, we are charging all active members 50% of their May dues in anticipation of opening the Paseo Club later this month. We understand that some members are concerned about using the Club in May. For those Members that would prefer to place their membership on hold until June 1st, we ask that you contact the Club prior to 5pm on May 5th. Those members that place their membership on hold will not be charged May dues and will not be permitted to use the Paseo Club in May.

We are blessed at the Paseo Club to have a wonderful 8 acre property located immediately adjacent to the San Francisquito Creek Trail and the beautiful Santa Clarita Paseo Trail system. In the following days, we will be providing schedules and descriptions of the various outdoor activities (and possibly some indoor activities) that we plan to offer in a socially responsible manner.

Following are a few of the activities we are preparing to offer and staff when we re-open the Paseo Club:

  • Tennis (of course!)
  • Swimming
  • Pickelball
  • Outdoor Yoga classes
  • Outdoor Pilates classes
  • Outdoor Spin classes
  • Outdoor Zumba classes
  • Outdoor Free Weight/Strength classes
  • Outdoor Stretching Programs
  • One on One Personal Training Programs
  • Nutrition and WeightLoss Programs
  • Power Walking Programs
  • 10k Running Programs
  • Road/Trail Cycling Program
  • Triathlon Training Programs

The Paseo Team has been working hard since the Club has been closed to prepare for Re-Opening. At a substantial cost, we have maintained our wonderful Team of professionals who are dedicated to you, our Members . We have also continued to invest in the maintenance and improvement of our facilities. We have worked to provide many “virtual” health and fitness offerings delivered for free to the Community during the period of our closure to try and continue to serve our Members during these crazy times. We are excited to see all of our Members at the Paseo Club and assist each of you to reach your health and fitness goals as soon as possible.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Rene da Costa
General Manager
The Paseo Club


Everyone from the Paseo Club Family is excited and looking forward to seeing you at the Paseo Club very soon. We hope you and your family and friends are healthy and safe and navigating these difficult times as well as possible.

Subject to further guidance from the Government, we are planning on opening the Paseo Club on Saturday, May 16th! Our entire team has been working very hard over the last few weeks and months to keep the Paseo Club in top shape and prepare for welcoming back our members and operating the Club in a healthy and safe manner.

We are fortunate at the Paseo Club to have a beautiful 8 acre site with plenty of indoor and outdoor areas to utilize by our members in a safe and responsible manner. We will be offering additional fitness classes and activities that incorporate our outdoor pool, tennis courts, pickleball courts, outdoor shaded areas, adjacent paseo trails, etc. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

On May 1st we will be charging all active members May dues at a 50% level. As you know, we did not charge any member dues in April, but the partial May dues are required for us to prepare the Club for re-opening and bring back the Paseo Club Team to serve you.

In recognition of this unique time, the Paseo Club is offering an attractive Member Referral Incentive Program for those existing members that refer new members to the Club that join prior to July 4th. For each new member that joins, the “referring member” shall receive the value of two months of membership dues discounted off their 2021 dues!!!

We can’t wait to see you at the Paseo Club! Please contact me if you have any questions.

Rene da Costa
General Manager
The Paseo Club


I hope this email finds you, and the ones you hold dearest, healthy and well.

The news out of Sacramento regarding the state-of-affairs with the Covid-19 pandemic has been very encouraging. They are seeing signs that the Safe-At-Home initiatives have been working and that we are currently on track to begin a safe reopening process on May 15th.

As of now, Paseo Club is expecting this to be the case and we have been diligently working on a reopening plan that will incorporate new measures to help keep all of members, staff and visitors as safe as possible. This includes enhanced strict sanitation protocols and etiquettes, class size restrictions, modified staff interactions and more. We will communicate this plan once all procedures are reviewed and approved.

Naturally, it’ll be up to State, County and local authorities whether the current May 15th date is cleared for reopening. Nevertheless, we’re extremely excited and can’t wait to open our doors once more and welcome all of our members back.

Until then, please stay safe and we will see you again soon!

Rene da Costa
General Manager
The Paseo Club


As we continue to be vigilant and informed of all health advisories from local, regional and national authorities on the progress of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we’d like to update our members.

Based on current conditions, The Paseo Club will remain closed until at least May 1st, 2020. No dues will be charged for April and all member accounts will be automatically frozen. There is no need to contact us to freeze your membership accounts.

We will re-evaluate towards the end of April 2020 as to the viability of re-opening our doors to staff, members and guests alike. We welcome you to join us on the SugarWOD app (Android and iOS) and Facebook for pre-recorded and LIVE workouts you can do at home, led by our own Paseo Club trainers.

As always, we thank our dedicated staff, trainers, members and the community at large for heeding the Safer-At-Home call and look forward to being able to welcome all back to the club premises.

Until then, stay safe!

Rene DaCosta
General Manager
The Paseo Club

COVID-19 Coronavirus NOTICE

There are several reminders we would like our members to take into account as it relates to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, which include:

  1. If you or a family member are sick, or has contagious symptoms (fever or respiratory issues), please stay home until at least 24 hours after the fever has broken.
  2. Everyone should wash his/her hands frequently (soap and water preferred for 20 seconds or longer).
  3. People with a cough should cover his/her nose when coughing or sneezing, and dispose of tissues immediately.
  4. Avoid close contact, like sharing food, with anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of a cold.
  5. Avoid touching one’s eyes, nose, and mouth.
  6. Clean and disinfect common areas regularly.
  7. Get plenty of sleep, drink water, and eat nutritiously.
  8. Disinfect the equipment you use during your work outs to eliminate spread of potential virus.
  9. Put soiled towels in bins immediately.
  10. Throw away used disposable drinking cups. Preferably bring your own drinking vessel.

The Paseo Club has expanded normal cleaning precautions and procedures to include daily sanitizing of desks, tables, chairs, counters, light switches, railings, door knobs, water stations, mats, bands, benches, weights, machines and all other hard surfaces.The Childcare team is taking extra precautions as we know that children are great at sharing germs. Measures are being taken to monitor for signs of illness, limit sharing of toys and more frequent cleaning and sanitation of the toys and surfaces. We have added sanitizing disinfectant and gloves to all departments for employee use and several other continuous cleanliness steps.

We have confidence in the resources that we are monitoring and in public health officials’ advice that the local risk is currently minimal.

For more information please visit:

Thank you.
The Paseo Club Management Team