By Cézanne Youmazzo – Fitness Director and Personal Trainer

My husband and I just started playing pickleball 6 weeks ago.


Our first couple of times on the court we warmed up by dinking then got right to playing. We both experienced low back pain and for me knee pain. Realizing that I was not using my own knowledge and education about the importance of a good dynamic warm up to not only improve speed, agility and acceleration but more importantly, for me anyway, help increase muscle temperature and decrease muscle stiffness. Now my husband and I have incorporated a five minute Dynamic (active movements where joints and muscles go through a full range of motion) warm up routine before playing and it has helped tremendously with not only our joint pain but our actual game playing as well.

Try these 6 simple moves the next time before you play!

  1. Light jog around the court or forward and backward 2 min.
  2. Walking lunges the length of the court and back.
  3. Walking knee hugs with a rotation the length of the court and back.
  4. Side shuffle down the court and back 2 times.
  5. Side lunge returns down the court and back.
  6. Either side lying Twist Tops for thoracic mobility or standing hinge twists 6 each side.

See you on the courts!