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Small Group Training

Join a small group training program to get personalized attention and meet your fitness goals.

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You’ll enjoy fresh workouts every day when you work out with a skilled instructor in small groups.

Do you like to be pushed out of your comfort zone?

  • Small group training makes you strong.
  • Small group training helps you exercise safely.
  • Small group training is a fun way to hold yourself and your team accountable.
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Which Small Group Training is Right for You?

The Paseo Club offers a variety of cutting-edge methods to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Paseo Tribe helps you stay accountable through different focused classes.
TRX and Core use a suspension system and your own body weight to give you an awesome workout!
Greatest Results is a six-week program focusing on physical activity and emphasizing nutrition, accountability, and competition.
Trainer Workout is a Sunday FUNday workout with club director Jen Azevedo.
Pilates Reformer increases your mobility and strength.
Blood Flow Restriction
classes have proven to give tremendous results in half the time! 
Pilates Body Makeover will sculpt your core and entire body. 

*Contact Fitness Director Cezanne Youmazzo to help you determine which Small Group Training is right for you.

Pilates Body Makeover

Strengthen your core in this six-week series!

  • Helps rehab injuries
  • Low-impact workout
  • Target all muscle groups
  • Use the Pilates reformer machine

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Paseo Tribe

Paseo Club offers three Tribe Classes to choose from as six-week series.

  • Extreme HIIT: high-impact and high-intensity 
  • Functionally Fit: low-impact and functional exercise 
  • Core Strength: focus on the back, booty, belly, and shoulders

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Greatest Results

Greatest Results is a six-week program that promotes a lifestyle change!

  • Functional fitness
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Supportive social setting
  • Coaches that'll make sure you succeed

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Blood Flow Restriction

Cut your workout time in half with Blood Flow Restriction training!

  • Use lighter weights
  • Rehab faster from injuries
  • Get lean and toned quickly
  • Strengthen your cardio system
  • Lose weight fast and keep it off

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Pilates Reformer

Engage your core and learn to move with control on a Pilates reformer machine.

  • Rehabs injuries
  • Tones the body
  • Improves posture
  • Increases mobility and flexibility

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TRX and Core

TRX and Core is a low-impact class safe for all levels.

  • Full body workout
  • Develop core stability
  • Increase heart health
  • You customize the degree of difficulty



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Trainer Workout

Check out this class if you are a weekend warrior looking to train hard with expert coach Jen Azevedo.

  • Train with your Paseo trainers
  • HERO WODs (workout of the day)
  • HIIT, AMRAPS, For time workouts, and more!
  • Push yourself beyond your limits!

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Whether you find yourself taking the occasional small group training class, or joining a six-week series, we have options that fit your needs!

Meet Your Paseo Small Group Trainers

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How do your friends feel about the gym?

"Paseo TRIBE Extreme HIIT at The Paseo Club is just that: a TRIBE, a family united by fitness. Paseo Tribe has given me the confidence to try other things that the club offers; cycle, reformer, cardio strength, pickleball and so much more, "

Doreen Rosenfeld | Paseo TRIBE Extreme HIIT Member

Find your Paseo Small Group Training class today and prepare for the season ahead.

You know you want to.  Be part of a Paseo challenge and see what fitness accountability looks like.