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Geometric Shape
Geometic Shape

What's the right Small Group option for you?

The Paseo Club offers a variety of cutting edge ways to achieve your goals through Small Group Training. The latest and greatest Blood Flow Restriction classes have proven tremendous results in half the time! These classes are especially amazing for people who need lower impact on the body and want to see their body transform faster. If you're just getting back into your fitness journey and need a good place to start, Greatest Results might be for you. This six-week program not only focuses on physical activity, but emphasizes nutrition, accountability, and competition as well. You can also try joining in on our Premiere Programming to help keep you accountable through different focused classes. Lift for an old school pump, Extreme HIIT for high impact and high intensity, Functionally Fit for low impact and functional exercise, and Core Strength to focus on the back, booty, belly, and shoulders. 

Deciding where to begin can be tough. Contact our Fitness Director, Cezanne Youmazzo for more information in determining which Small Group is right for you.



Geometic Shape

You’ll enjoy fresh workouts every day when you work out in small groups.

Do you like to be pushed out of your comfort zone?  Smaller group trainings help keep you safe while making you strong? A fun way to hold your team accountable to each other? You’ll find it all in our Small Group Training classes.

Premiere Programming

Lift, Extreme HIIT, Functionally Fit, or Core Strength. These low impact, high intensity, strength and stability classes provide the perfect avenue to keep fit.

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Blood Flow Restriction

Cut your workout time in half! Get leaner and toned quickly, build muscle faster, get stronger with less weights, lose weight fast and keep it off, strengthen your cardio system and rehab faster from surgery.

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Greatest Results

A six week program that promotes a lifestyle change through fitness, nutrition, a supportive social setting and coaches that'll make sure you succeed. 

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Pilates Reformer

A low impact workout using a machine that isolates your muscles, tones your core, and helps rehab injuries.

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Whether you find yourself taking the occasion small group training class, or take them on a consistent basis, we have an option that fits your needs!

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Your trainers stay up to date and don't leave you hanging. They form their own Paseo TRIBES as well as join in on yours! They do their part in making sure you are achieving incredible results. 

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How do your friends feel about the gym?

"Paseo TRIBE Extreme HIIT at The Paseo Club is just that: a TRIBE, a family united by fitness. Paseo Tribe has given me the confidence to try other things that the club offers; cycle, reformer, cardio strength, pickleball and so much more, "

Doreen Rosenfeld | Paseo TRIBE Extreme HIIT Member

Find your Paseo Small Group Training class today and prepare for the season ahead.

You know you want to.  Be part of a Paseo challenge and see what fitness accountability looks like.