Enjoy a dip in the Paseo Club pool

Six lanes to enjoy, you’ll have the best spot to workout or relax and take in the sun.

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With either membership option, you will have access to our Junior-Olympic sized pool.

Enjoy the pool in every way and experience Paseo Club life to the fullest.

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You’ll enjoy the pool whether you’re working out or just relaxing and enjoying some lunch.

Do you prefer solo training, undisturbed?  Small, intense groups in Masters Swim? Or a party atmosphere in a Liquid Cardio class? You’ll find it all in the Pool of Paseo Club.

Lap Swim

Reserve a lane and enjoy a swim.  With 6 lanes to choose from, you’ll find space whether you doggy paddle or leave a wake.

Liquid Cardio

One of the most popular classes on our Group Exercise schedule, Liquid Cardio is offered 6 days per week, giving every level of fitness a chance to tone and strengthen while enjoying the water.

Paseo Aquatics

Born at the Paseo Aquatics, your children can grow up on the swim team starting in the Paseo Club pool!

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Masters Swim

Your guide to phenomenal swimming, you will learn different strokes and add strength and speed to your swim.  Platinum members have access to Masters, or swimmers can pay separately.

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Meet the Swim Team

Amanda Billmore


Rosemary Comptelli


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Recreational Pool

Enjoy recreational time on the weekends with your family in the pool.

Sitting under our shaded areas and enjoying the pool with your family and friends is a great way to relax, reconnect and recharge.

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Recreational Pool

Join today and get to know the Paseo pool area.

See why your friends are diving in

"My kids have both enjoyed taking swim lessons at the Paseo pool, and I love being able to change up my workouts when I take a Masters swim class."

Shannon Patel | Paseo Club Member

Your pool time is waiting.

Join Paseo Club today to maximize your summertime pool relaxation and workout time all in one spot.

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Drift away on a hot summer day at the Paseo pool.