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Your pickleball home is here

Whether you’ve never played or you are a competing pro, the courts at the Paseo Club are perfect for you.
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Your membership gives you full access to the club's eleven courts and all the pickleball fun.

The pickleball courts are a great spot to meet new people and join the pickleball craze. After you play, relax at the Pickleball Porch with food and drinks. There are plenty of activities to fill the day!

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You’ll enjoy so many things hanging out on the courts and the Pickleball Porch.

Do you prefer one opponent and the thrill of singles? Smaller groups playing intense doubles? Or a party atmosphere, having fun during open drop-in? You’ll find it all on the pickleball courts at Paseo Club.

Court Reservations & Drop In

Scheduled drop-in times help to bring the party to everyone, while open reservation times allow you and your friends to book your own court. 

Drop-in times: 
Monday - Friday 8 am - 10 am
Wednesday 6 pm - 9 pm
Friday 6 pm - 9 pm
Weekends 8 am - 11 am

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Drills and Clinics

Get stronger with the guidance of our top instructors. From our free starter classes to high-level drills, we have it all. Plus, look for camps and seasonal events so you can really dial it in. You'll be improving all year long.

This Month's Schedule


Paseo Club leagues are a great way to have consistent and competitive play each season. With men's, women's, and mixed, you can find all your best court time. And, let's not forget how much fun every season awards party is!

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Social Calendar

Check our tournaments and mixers on the events calendar. Club leagues happen every season, filled with fun competition in ladies, men's, and mixed evenings.

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Juniors are welcome to join the pickleball fun.  Check out the Paseo Club's pickleball camp in the summer to watch your junior learn a whole new sport from the ground up.

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Pickleball Packages


Single Class- $22


4 pack for $80

$20 per class


8 pack for $136

$17 per class


10 pack for $150

$15 per class

Meet the Pickleball Team

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Join the pickleball craze!

See why it’s still the fastest growing sport in the nation.  Learn about the dink, the kitchen and the ERNE!

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See what your new pickleball friends say about playing at The Paseo Club

"I’ve learned to play pickleball and my husband and I are having so much fun!"

Mar Lyons | Member of The Paseo Club

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Check out Coach Frank’s philosophy on getting into pickleball.

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Your pickleball courts are waiting.

Join the Paseo Club today and see all that pickleball can do for you.