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Personal Trainers cultivate the best in you!

Challenge yourself to stay healthy in mind and body.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

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Fitness Personal Training

Take your fitness into your own hands with Paseo Club's Personal Trainers.

With private and semi-private training, you are sure to find the right fit. Sign up for a private training session and learn how to reach your goals faster.

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Fitness Personal Training

You’ll enjoy fresh workouts every time when you work out with your trainer.

Do you like to be pushed out of your comfort zone? 

  • Personal trainers perfect your form.
  • Personal trainers keep you accountable.
  • Personal trainers encourage you when you need it.
  • Personal trainers design workouts based on your goals.

Strength and Conditioning

Burn fat, develop muscle tone, and boost your endurance with strength and conditioning sessions. These classes will also increase your bone density and improve heart health. 


Develop your core strength and improve your posture with one-on-one Pilates sessions. It will increase your mobility, balance, and coordination.

Athletic Training

Do you want to get better at your favorite sport? Cross-train with a personal trainer to improve your skills and become a more resilient athlete. Specializing in marathons, football, tennis, and basketball.

Functional Fitness/HIIT

Get a full-body workout using high-intensity interval training. This is a great approach to burn fat and increase muscle. 

Dance Fitness

Do you love to dance and want to get more fit? We have trainers who specialize in dance fitness so you can get a great workout while having fun!

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Your fitness goals are important to our incredible trainers

The Paseo Club's Personal Trainers have at least one nationally recognized certification while most have additional certifications in nutrition, functional fitness, pre and post-natal fitness, and strength and conditioning. Many trainers also have degrees in exercise physiology. 

Book a personal training session with an instructor below.

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Pricing for personal trainers varies depending on the trainer, how many sessions are purchased at a time, if the session is private or semi-private, and how long the sessions are.

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By investing in personal training, you know your needs are at the forefront.

Have your goals taken seriously and enjoy the accountability that comes with one-on one-training.

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How do your friends feel about the gym?

" I had never interacted with a trainer, but I certainly had some stereotypes in my mind. Andrew didn’t seem to fit any of them. He was humble and approachable. I have come to love strength training because of how it makes me feel physically. I feel strong and capable."

Terrie Donovan | Paseo Club Member

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