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Social Life at the Paseo Club

Make forever friendships while enjoying your healthy, active life.

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Your social life is always happening at the Paseo Club.

Dressing up for our annual Halloween party?
Watching the tennis greats at the Pro Exhibition? 
Do you prefer drinking a glass of wine in the Clubhouse?

You’ll find it all — and more — at the Paseo Club. 

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Enjoy attending social events at the Paseo Club

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See the connections your friends have made at Paseo Club.

"​It's so nice to be able to work out or play tennis and then sit outside enjoying a salad and cocktail, socializing. It's the best of both worlds. After working out one evening, I sat at the bar to have dinner and a drink and ended up meeting my now-husband. It's a great place for family fun, events, working out, tennis, pickleball and so much more. I highly recommend it!"

Melody Halio | Member of The Paseo Club

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Can you already see yourself enjoying your social life at Paseo Club?  It’s time to start!