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The 5 best places for pizza in the Santa Clarita Valley — A review

November 22nd, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Jen Azevedo

Pizza is America’s number one most favorite food based on a recent poll of 2,000 people. In fact, we eat so much pizza that people are consuming 350 slices of pizza per second — which is equivalent to 30,240,000 slices of pizza per 24-hour period. 

Holy smokes!

Whether it is the chewy crust, the stretchy salty cheese, or all of the delicious toppings, pizza can make anyone’s mouth water. Pizza is so popular, that you can practically find it anywhere —  the mall, restaurant chains, Italian pizzerias, and even fine dining destinations. 

The Paseo Club is a social club in the Santa Clarita Valley that has supported members in their journeys in health and fitness for twenty years. While our staff and members love a good workout, they are also excited about a great meal too. 

We decided to take it upon ourselves to do a little research and report back because if you want really good pizza, you should go to the best spots in the area. 

The Santa Clarita Valley has several delicious options for pizza. In this article, we sent our sleuths out on the town to review the pizza and share the pros and cons of each place, the cost of the pizza, the specialties, and much more information. Read on and learn!

comp_PococksBrewery_IMG_8127 (1)5 best places for pizza in the SCV

The Santa Clarita Valley supports five quality pizza restaurants. Whether you want traditional toppings or California nouveau, gluten-free or pasta, pizza, and breadsticks all in one sitting, they have something for everyone.

The pizzerias are listed alphabetically for your reading pleasure. 

1. Chi-Chi’s

Chi-Chi’s is a Santa Clarita staple and has been around since 1958. They make all their pasta and pizza in-house, so you know it is made fresh and in small batches. The menu has tons of options, including gluten-free, so everyone can leave happy and full. 

Pros: Wonderful, authentic pizza and pasta for the entire family.
Cons: There are no kid’s meal options, so you might not satisfy finicky kiddos. 
Good fit: Chi-Chi’s is a good fit for those looking for a great pizza meal to sit down with the family.
Bad fit: No delivery service available.
Cost: $$$
Specialty: The grilled meatballs are an amazing appetizer. They make fresh pasta and sauces each morning.
Grade: A
Quote: “The perfect pizza for years and years!”


2. Pizza DiMarco 

Pizza DiMarco has made pizza in Santa Clarita since 1985. They are another great, authentic Italian restaurant putting their spin on pizza, salad, and more. The chef uses fresh ingredients and makes everything from scratch — their food is flavorful and fun!

Pros: Pizza DiMarco serves authentic Italian food and kids' fare for the pickier eaters.
Cons: It is small and family-run, which means your fresh pizza might take a little longer when they are busy. 
Good fit: Pizza DiMarco is perfect for when you want a fun meal to bring home. 
Bad fit: They are not the place you want to patronize when you are in a rush!
Cost: $$
Specialty: The meatball and bacon pizza is a treat for meat lovers. Homemade meatballs atop your pizza make for a tasty and filling slice. Are you looking for more veggies? Try the eggplant feta pizza freshly made with their homemade sauce. Delish! 
Grade:  A-
Quote: “We ordered from Pizza DiMarco for a meeting when no one was terribly hungry. But the food was so good that by the end, there was nothing left!”

3. Pocock Brewery

Pocock Brewery is a local hideaway and gem of the SCV. The original location is a wonderful spot to try some tasters and have a great meal. They just opened a second location in downtown Newhall to bring great beers and fun food to more of our valley. 

Pros: Pocock is a fun place to relax the afternoon away. There is outside seating and plenty of options for every palate. 
Cons: While it’s definitely a kid-friendly restaurant, menu options are limited for the under-21 crew. 
Good fit: Come to Pocock when you want to spend a leisurely weekend afternoon relaxing!
Bad fit: Pocock is not where you go when you need a quick pizza fix.
Cost: $$ 
Specialty: A few favorites include the Perfect Pepperoni with homemade tomato-basil sauce; the BBQ Chicken Pizza, made with the checkerboard BBQ sauce; and the Michael G, with garlic confit and cracked black pepper. 
Grade: A
Quote: “I can’t believe this is finally my first time here — I can’t wait to go back!”

pexels-sydney-troxell-708587 (1)

4. Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza has been in the Santa Clarita Valley for several years, and routinely wins the Best Pizza in the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County awards. They boast great inventive pizza combinations alongside a lively atmosphere complete with big-screen TVs for all your favorite sporting events, Toppers has become an SCV favorite. 

Pros: They are a great spot to watch your team win a game! Their self-serve salad bar is fantastic!! 
Cons: Toppers is a louder space, making it harder to have an intimate conversation. While their menu is inventive, it’s harder to come by some of the simpler pizza options. 
Good fit: Toppers is an intrinsic part of the community. You feel a sense of belonging when you are there. Toppers routinely does community outreach and fundraisers for sports teams, making them a great team choice. 
Bad fit: If you are looking for a more ritzy and quiet space, you may find yourself wanting. 
Cost: $$
Specialty: The Carnitas pizza is a must-try! This option is served with carnitas, peppers, and cheese, making for a tasty choice. It is served with your choice of regular or nacho jalapeños to spice it up! 
Grade: B+
Quote: “Our team came to celebrate our winning season, and we left full and happy!” 

comp_pizza_dimarco_IMG-78815. Vincenzo’s

Vincenzo’s is a mainstay of the valley and is located in the local bowling alley with a brick-and-mortar in Newhall built in 1979. The homemade dough is a secret recipe from Pittsburgh, passed down to the owner when he moved to California and needed his pizza fix. 

Pros: Vincenzo’s makes authentic and fresh pizza and pasta for the entire family.
Cons: The pizzas are giant, so don’t plan on finishing your meal. (But are leftovers really a con?)
Good fit: Vincenzo’s is a good fit for a pizza meal to sit down and enjoy with the entire family.
Bad fit: This is old-school pizza and not the best fit if you’re looking for healthy alternatives or novel toppings.
Cost: $$$
Specialty: The Vincenzo's Pizza with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, pepperoni, and sausage is the absolute best!
Grade: B
Quote: “The fact that I am willing to drive seven miles each way should tell you how good this pizza is!”

Toppers_PizzaDiving into your best slice

Although pizza’s humble origins are from Naples, Italy, it has become America’s ultimate comfort food. It is hot, salty, fatty, and full of satisfying carbs — all the components that make you sigh with contentment with each mouthful.

But pizza is much like wine or good chocolate — you don’t want to waste the calories on a poorly-crafted version. Go great, or go home!

In this article, you learned about the pizza options in the Santa Clarita Valley, including the pros and cons, costs, and house specialties. 

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Jen Azevedo

Jen Azevedo is a person of many talents. She is a tennis professional, pickleball professional, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and the general manager of the Paseo Club. She loves the community at the Paseo Club and that it is also a safe and fun place for her daughter. Jen’s favorite activities are joining her tribe for trail races or her partners for tennis matches. Occasionally Jen slows down to relax with a book — she reads over 100 a year!