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How Do I Get Started With Tennis At Paseo?

May 11th, 2021 | 2 min. read

How Do I Get Started With Tennis At Paseo?

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By Kenny "Coach KP" Puvogel - Tennis Coach

Welcome to Beginner’s Clinic at Paseo Club!

Hi all- Coach KP here.  I teach the beginner’s tennis clinics at the Paseo Club along with fellow pro Gabe Harmat.  We offer free classes, three times a week, to teach you all the basics of tennis.  You can sign up for Tuesday evenings at 6pm, Thursday mornings at 9am or Sunday morning at 9am.  Come out to the courts and see if you like it!

Growing up in New York, playing tennis wasn’t even a blip on my radar.  I played the Big 3 - baseball, football and basketball.  I also dabbled in lacrosse, hockey, swimming and wrestling.  Tennis wasn’t a big focus in my school.   The sport wasn’t looked upon in high regard like the Big 3 were.  And the Big 3 athletes got most of the dates with the cheerleaders!

Then it happened.  I was watching TV and I happened to tune into a Wimbledon final with Jimmy Connors playing.  He was young, brash, loud and it was exciting to me.  My interest in tennis gained a lot of speed that day.  I bought my first racket, a Jack Kramer wood racket, and started hitting against my school’s brick wall.  I was getting hooked.

The next year was the year that put me over the top.  John McEnroe burst onto the tennis scene.  He was more brash, intense and louder than Connors!  Better yet, he was a fellow New Yorker!  That was the capper.  I was in, and I never looked back.  I never had the urge to play another sport other than tennis again.

That’s how I got hooked.  Let me help get you hooked too!  Let me teach you what I consider to be the greatest game of them all.  My passion, the game of tennis.

Tennis provides great exercise, both mental and physical.  The sport is sometimes referred to as chess with exercise.  Yes, you have to think!  And it is great cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping, blood flowing and oxygen circulating.

I take great pride in teaching the beginner’s clinics.  Come let me show you how the basic fundamentals of the sport work.  You will learn the strokes and learn how to play.  Our free clinic will provide you a stepping stone to begin your tennis experience.  

Let me be the catalyst that opens the door to learning and laying the greatest sport of them all, my passion, the sport for all ages and all levels - TENNIS


Did I reel you in yet? I hope so!  See you on the courts!