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How do I try tennis?

April 9th, 2021 | 2 min. read

How do I try tennis?

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Tennis has been a wonderful savior in a time of so many twists and turns.  What made tennis such a perfect sport for 2020?  How does that apply moving into 2021? These are questions that are helping us to show the game to all types of new players who are looking for the perfect way to stay socially distanced without becoming socially distant.

All athletes have components of their respective sports that can relay themselves back to tennis.  Tremendous footwork in all directions, balance, strength, speed and endurance are all required elements for a high-level tennis player.  Tennis is a sport that allows for intense battles and competition without touching, tackling or even getting close to another human.  The more we learn about the pandemic that has altered our lives, the more we know that a tennis ball is unlikely to carry a virus around, and staying 78 feet from baseline to baseline is a long way from the prescribed 6 feet we've been hearing for the last year.

If you have ever played any sport (or even if you haven't) now is the time to try tennis.  Beginner classes are available three times a week at Paseo Club and you'll have a built in peer group immediately to learn with and grow.  Once you "graduate" from beginners, there are clinics, leagues, mixers and open courts to continue to grow your skills and find love for a sport that is truly for everyone.  Our Platinum membership allows you to take part in three drills per week at the 2.0-2.5 level, which is the perfect bridge to continue with your friends from beginners class into the realms of actual play, helping to prep you for leagues and social tennis events that make up the tennis calendar and give you the opportunity to meet more tennis players and continue to grow your circle.

Junior players from all different sports can learn a greater athleticism from adding tennis drills to their respective sports plays.  While close contact sports are less available, learning the footwork, agility and conditioning of a tennis player will only serve as an aid when our kids return to more normalcy in their other playing fields.  And you'll have a whole new set of skills to add to your capabilities, or maybe even find a new favorite past time!

If you've never been to Paseo Club, now is the time to bring your family and see all that exists.