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If Your Life Is Worth Living It’s Worth Recording

May 27th, 2020 | 2 min. read

If Your Life Is Worth Living It’s Worth Recording

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By Gavin Espinosa - Martial Arts Instructor

Years ago, I stumbled through an audio cassette by a motivational speaker by the name of Brian Tracy.


In one of his recordings, he shared a phrase that to this day, still surfaces out of my daily thoughts and which I continue to apply in my life. He stated,  “If your life is worth living, it's worth recording.”

I imagine you can apply this quote to your own life in many ways.  Depending on where you are in your life, this quote may encourage you. It may inspire you. Perhaps it may simply just be an accountability quote to deter you from making poor decisions in life.

Will I fall short on the goals I’ve set in my life?….without question. And so I’ve learned to measure my life not by my shortcomings, but rather by my life habits. I prefer not to measure success solely by the results; rather, it is better to continually focus on daily habits that are consistent with attaining those results. In other words, progress over perfection.

When I reflect on this quote, I am convinced that somehow my life  (whether lived in a good or bad way) will be recorded. That statement could not be more true today.  Consider today’s social media - FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. They are the norm for communicating to others and the world.  And yes, it’s not only recorded but obtainable to the millions of people around the world with just one click of a “send” button.

I measure my life daily through this quote.  I don’t only apply it daily, but evaluate my life with the end in mind. I ask myself this question, “If I were to pass away today, what would the story of my life be? I imagine a moment at my own funeral.  What would that scene be like?  Would it be a happy environment or one of tragedy? Who would attend? Who would give my eulogy; who would I want to speak at my eulogy? What would those people say about my life?  Knowing that while I’m alive on this earth, I need to make daily choices to live by purposeful habits and convictions I’ve set in my life.

Here are habits that I have resolved to take action daily:


  1. Read the Bible and pray
  2. Engage in physical exercise
  3. Make my bed first thing in the morning
  4. Take my vitamins
  5. Take moments in my day to stop what I’m doing and smell the roses
  6. Take a different driving route home every so often
  7. Serve in my church and/or local community
  8. Call someone whom I haven’t spoken to in a while
  9. Reach out to my mentor(s)
  10. Write in my journal