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Staying In And Staying Sane

March 26th, 2020 | 2 min. read

Staying In And Staying Sane

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By Jen Azevedo - Director of Tennis and Pickleball

Well, we are all staying safe, staying home, and trying to stay sane.


It's quite a different spring than what we SoCal people are used to.  Like it or not, our job is to stay home and for most of us, stay off the courts for the foreseeable future.  It's like having an injury without having an injury, and what's worse, we can't even watch others play.

We are all in this together, so please reach out when you need that extra social component.  Shooting workout videos has helped me to feel connected to friends that I might not see otherwise while we're staying home.  Zoom meetings with my Tribe and my book club have been invaluable social hours.  But - what about the tennis?

I've been taking some time for researching best practices to use when we open the courts again, to ensure that our club is as safe as possible to get playing as quickly as possible. I'd love to hear from our members as to what you guys would like as we reopen. Mixers? Drills? Another open house to welcome everyone back? Or a more cautious reentry, staggering courts and trying to limit interaction? Email me at jen@thepaseoclub.com and let's get the conversation started now.

Those of you who are feeling a little stir crazy - here are some fun things to try right now:

  1. Blow up a balloon and work on your swing (just move the breakables first!)
  2. Set up some cones (or cans, water bottles, TP - whatever is on hand) and practice your footwork. if you've got a long hallway, set four cones, and work on your first step in each direction, coupled with recovery steps back to the start.
  3. Work on your toss. Why not make it flawless while you have the time?
  4. Visualize. Take a few moments to meditate on how you would like to see your tennis when you get back on the courts. The best of the best say this is an invaluable part of their training, so we may as well steal it for our own benefit.
  5. Workout! Let's get our summer bodies prepared now, so we don't get injured when we are allowed back outside.

Again, friends, stay safe and stay sane. Check in often and let's get through this together.