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Summer Camp for kids of all ages

May 20th, 2022 | 4 min. read

Summer Camp for kids of all ages

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Summer Camp for every age


From ages 5 through 18, kids can take part in varying summer camps to participate in activities, play with friends, and escape the summer boredom that can come with no school and no structure.  There are tons of camp options available, and choosing the right fit for your child can be difficult.  From sports camps to creative camps and daycare-style as well, there are many choices to sift through.  But if you have a child who plays tennis or has ever shown interest in racket sports, a tennis camp or pickleball camp is a great way to spend some or all of your children’s summer break.  What do you need to know before signing up for camp?  Read on to find out all about the Paseo Club summer camp for kids.


Who is eligible for summer camp?


Kids as young as 5 years old can join the Paseo Club summer camp, and players of every level are welcomed through age 18.  Members and nonmembers are invited to join the camp and take part in all the activities involved.  Coaches are trained for all levels of junior players, and are ready to have fun!  The tennis camp will have Paseo Club’s own professional tennis instructors as well as an auxiliary staff of former juniors now playing for their collegiate teams.  Paseo Club pickleball camp will be staffed by Paseo Club pickleball professional instructors.  

What kinds of activities will the kids participate in?


The camp schedule at Paseo Club is pretty standard, though there are levels that change for the younger to older kids.  Camp begins at 10 am with coaches' check-ins.  Bags are double-checked for rackets, sunscreen, and water bottles, as well as swimsuits and extra clothes as needed.  Everyone schedules their lunch orders and warmups begin on the courts.  The first two hours are split into ages and levels, with stroke production, drills, and games broken into fun breaks.  The younger players will learn skills for agility, balance, and coordination before moving to tennis-specific actions, encouraging creative play and above all things, fun on the courts!  


Once kids have the foundational skills down, their games and drills will start to have a more competitive edge, bringing the spirit to the drills and encouraging teamwork through drills and play.  Local high school players will have the opportunity to work with and against their season’s opponents, raising the level of play for their league and for their tournament play in the year ahead.  


After a two-hour period, all the players will pick up balls and head to the pool for lunch.  Different lunch options are available each day, and lunch will be served pool-side.  After eating, the pool will be open for some cooling off in the summer heat.  Lifeguards are on duty and some of the pro staff will remain to supervise the kids during this break.  Those kids who are not great swimmers will have the opportunity to splash around in the little pool.

The last 90-minutes of the day is when younger kids and older kids will make a split.  The younger campers will retreat to the pavilions to have some arts and crafts time.  The rest of the players will head back to the tennis courts to use the skills from the morning in play, with matches and games to finish the day.


What are good shot tickets?


Good shots, game wins, and great sportsmanship are a couple of the ways kids can earn good shot tickets.  These tickets can be saved up to win prizes throughout the summer.  Earn popsicles and cookies from the cafe with a few tickets, or save up for tennis grips, hats, and even a new tennis racket!


Are there other sports available? 

If your child is looking for some fun sports time this summer but tennis isn’t quite their preferred sport, Paseo Club also offers pickleball camp!  With a similar breakdown, your child can learn all the skills and foundation of the fastest-growing sport in North America! Paseo pickleball camp is taught by Paseo pickleball professionals, offering a unique learning curve to this fun and exciting sport.  


Camp begins at 10 am, and kids will focus on all the main skills of the pickleball court: dinks, drives, drops, serves, and returns for both singles and doubles.  After some skills time, kids will face off into fun match play, competing with and against each other as well as the pros for lots of fun!  Kids will join forces with tennis players at noon for lunch and swim time and will end their day at the pool at 1:30 pm. 


Where can I sign my child up?

Signing your child up for Paseo Club summer camps is easy!  You’ll have the choice of different packages to choose from, to build your summer routine.  Once your application is received, your child will be added to the roster and can check in on their first day!  Should you buy more days than your summer allows, extra time can be rolled into fall programming for the after-school clinics. 


To access the Paseo Club applications for summer camp, visit:  www.thepaseoclub.com/summer-camp 


If you are interested in more information on becoming a member of Paseo Club and taking advantage of the club for the summer, visit www.thepaseoclub.com/schedule-tour and the membership team will be in touch with you.