The Pros and Cons Of Fitness Club Childcare - The Paseo Club

Running a childcare service within a fitness facility is not an easy task. Staffing, curriculum, state regulations and guidelines all play a vital role in creating a safe, educational, play-filled environment. Parents who belong to a gym such as The Paseo Club want to feel confident, for the few hours of fitness escapism they enjoy, that their child is in the safest of hands. 

PROS:  The Paseo Club’s Kids Corner is a fun-based environment that is entertaining, instructional and interactive. The fully CPR and First Aid Certified staff makes an effort to connect with its youngest visitors each day, be it indoor/outdoor games, reading or creating works of art. The club has established more of a “Child Development” atmosphere than a babysitting service. Children engage in signature seasonal events, crafts– and gain the benefits of  building early socializing skills while in the best possible care.

CONS:  Child care facilities, even the safest and most dependable, are still just that– facilities. A child who has experienced a long, arduous day at school may not be “up” for another two or three hours in a confined environment– nor be receptive to additional time away from home. A particularly busy day at the facility may also represent less individual attention– something a child may be craving after a rough day without mom or dad. Other obvious drawbacks include exposure to common illnesses or developing bad habits– issues no different than a child would experience at school.

The bottom line: fitness facilities such as The Paseo Club are dedicating more time, money and effort to ensure the safety and development of their youngest members– so you, as a parent, can crush that Group Ex class worry-free.