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The Tennis Workout

April 30th, 2020 | 2 min. read

The Tennis Workout

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By Jen Azevedo - Director of Tennis and Pickleball

​Friends, say it with me- Stay Home and Stay Safe life is WEIRD. 

Do I set an alarm?  Do I put on socks?  Twelve cups of coffee before my first martini - does it even matter?  These are the questions I ask myself  consistently while in quarantine 2020.  There is nothing we've done before to "prepare" for this.  We have no manual on how to act, and so we are winging it most of the time.  

One of the biggest ways I've been able to stay sane has been by working out.  It helps so much that Paseo has been so wonderful about scheduling a myriad of workouts on FB live, and the Boss Lady Cezanne Youmazzo keeps a terrific schedule of trainers in the mix every week.  I've been lucky enough to teach several classes, which certainly comes in handy when trying to remember what day it is!  

Keeping our Tribe group together has helped immensely too.  My Tribe FIT is a crew of sweaty psychos, and I would miss them so much if we weren't "meeting" a few times a week to sweat from our homes.  They bring so much to my routine, and I would tell anyone interested to email your favorite Tribe instructors to join in during this time!

That still leaves my tennis and pickleball though.  We are in a depressing state for tennis - no courts, no game, right?  But, there are still so many things we can do.  I'm including a favorite tennis/pickleball workout here.  Grab a racket or paddle and some "cones" to get this one in, and feel a little better about waiting a month to get back on the courts.  Seriously - wait the month. 

Now - to the workout.  Racket, cones of choice (I used some rocks, since we're in the midst of home construction) and a jump rope is all you need.  If you have a quarantine buddy who can hit, grab them too, and finish with some volley work.  Here we go!

Warmup: 3 minutes of jump rope followed by 2 rounds of 10 each of rope squats, good mornings and shoulder circles

Cone Work:  Using a Tabata (:20 work and :10 rest, 8 times) complete the following:

2 cones: shuffle back and forth. Rest one minute before continuing.

3 cones: shuffle middle, shuffle back, cross over and split to cone three, and repeat the other direction. Rest one minute before continuing.

3 cones: same as above, but add a Forehand/Backhand after the split.  Rest one minute before continuing.

3 cones in a triangle: fast feet, alternate inside left and inside right.  Rest one minute before continuing.

3 cones: split and swing through each cone, down and back.  

Cool Down: 2 minutes of jump rope and repeat rope stretches.

Finish up and you have 30 minutes of great footwork added to your day!


We miss you all, and can't wait to have you back on the courts!  Be safe!