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The Top 6 problems with the Paseo Club pickleball program — and the solutions!

March 8th, 2024 | 4 min. read

By Jen Azevedo

Pickleball is a court game that has caught the nation (and world) by storm. It is fun, easy to learn, and social. Thousands of people flock to local pickleball courts to play and meet other picklers each year.

The Paseo Club is a social club in the Santa Clarita Valley that brought pickleball to the community in 2020. There are eleven pickleball courts available for drop-in and reservation play, drills, leagues, and tournaments. We also have a roster of four amazing instructors. 

Many of our members play pickleball weekly, and more and more are joining our starter drill to learn the game. Although we do our best to make our pickleball program as great as can be, it is not perfect.

In this article, we will address some of the concerns members have expressed about the Paseo Club’s pickleball program and provide solutions to these problems.

6 problems with the Paseo Club Pickleball Program

comp_IMG_36081. Gatekeeping

Problem: Gatekeeping is the process of maintaining a group of players in a game and not allowing others to rotate in or play the winning/losing team. Gatekeeping generally happens during drop-in play — especially by high-level players who enjoy the challenge of playing against people at a similar level.

Solution: Gatekeeping doesn’t allow others to participate, and less-experienced players don’t get to improve their skills by playing up. 

If you want to play a particular group of players, select a time to reserve a court. Alternatively, join an advanced drill or compete at one of the tournaments. These are great opportunities to meet other players and build relationships. 

If you come to drop-in times at the Paseo Club, remember there are both beginner and advanced courts — so choose the courts that best reflect your skill level. Make sure to introduce yourself to other players and ask them to join in. 

2. Private lessons are too costly

Problem: Private pickleball lessons allow you to focus on your particular needs. This personalized attention is the most effective way to strengthen your game. People use private instruction to target specific skills, develop their own style, learn safe ways to move, and prepare for tournaments. Private pickleball lessons at the Paseo Club cost $60-70 per lesson.

Solution: Although hiring an instructor for privates is not as affordable as group drills, it is often worth it — at least for a set period of time. Your skills will skyrocket, and you will learn how to move more safely and with greater precision. 

If hiring a pro for a couple of months still feels outside your budget, grab a friend to split the cost. Private lessons can be one-on-one, but they can also be with one coach and two students. You will still reap most of the benefits but not suffer the entire cost.

Stretching_CompressedIMG_96233. There is no pickleball membership at the Paseo Club

Problem: No court or pickleball memberships are available at the Paseo Club. 

Solution: There is one membership option at the Paseo Club — which may feel frustrating if you are just playing pickleball. Although you may be inclined to stick to the pickleball courts, there is so much more available to you.

Membership grants you access to tennis, swimming, and fitness facilities. Plus, you get all the amenities — cafe and clubhouse, sauna, spa, locker rooms, childcare, and dozens of social events. So try out a new class, visit with friends over a meal at the cafe, or treat yourself to a massage at the onsite spa. 

4. There is no pickleball program for kids

Problem: You love pickleball. Your siblings love pickleball. Your parents love pickleball. Your friends love pickleball. And all you want is to share this love with your kids. Yet the Paseo Club has no youth pickleball program. 

Solution: This is unfortunately true. But a kids' pickleball program is under review at the club — more is coming soon! In the meantime, there are still some options.

Kids ages 14 and older can get involved with pickleball. Bring your teens to drills class, drop-in, or reserved play times. Younger students can sign up for pickleball camp in the summer. (Look for more information about camp later in the spring).

comp_IMG_00925. No pickleball when it rains

Problem: The pickleball courts at the Paseo Club are outdoors and uncovered, so when it rains there is no pickleball. 

Solution: Most pickleball (and tennis) courts, especially in southern California, are outdoors and uncovered. But when winter or spring rains come, you can lose out on playing time. 

The best players — of any sport — don’t just play their sport — they cross-train. Weight-lifting and mobility, especially yoga and Pilates, are excellent choices for any player. Cross-training will help you improve your range of motion and develop more full-body, symmetrical strength and power. 

The Paseo Club has recently created a specialty class for you — Footwork and Mobility Work for Tennis and Pickleball Players. This class is a small group program, so you can receive ample attention. Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to 5:45 pm and Sundays from 8:00 to 8:45 am. Register today! 

6. Courts are too full

Problem: Courts do get full — especially during prime time slots. This can mean it is difficult to make a reservation to play. 

Solution: Reservations open at 7 am three days in advance. If you sleep in on the day that you want to sign up for a court, you may miss your opportunity. Here are some tips to play more pickleball at the Paseo Club.

  • Set your alarm so you can be the first to sign up. 
  • Try to play at less popular times. 
  • Join a drill or leagues for consistent play. 
  • Check out to drop-in play Monday-Friday 8 am-10 am, Wednesdays and Fridays 6 pm-9 pm, or on the weekends 8 am-12 pm. 

comp_IMG_3820-minGetting the most out of your pickleball experience at the Paseo Club

Pickleball’s popularity is justified. It is a sport that is accessible to almost all people, regardless of age, fitness level, or experience. It has become a wonderful community resource as a hub for social engagement.

The Paseo Club pickleball department has a wide range of resources for amateur through advanced players — drills and leagues for all levels, tournaments, and group and private lessons. If you have questions about pickleball or want to know which class is best for you, contact Pickleball Director Tyler Shaffer

The Paseo Club is the place in the SCV for health, fitness, and social connections. Members love our group fitness classes, junior Olympic pool, and tennis and pickleball courts. 

If you are not yet a member, then schedule a tour of the Paseo Club. Explore all eight acres of our grounds and meet with members, staff, and instructors to see if the Paseo Club is a good fit for you.

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Jen Azevedo

Jen Azevedo is a tennis professional, pickleball professional, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and the general manager of the Paseo Club. She loves the community at the Paseo Club and that it is also a safe and fun place for her daughter. Jen’s favorite activities are joining her tribe for trail races or her partners for tennis matches. Occasionally Jen slows down to relax with a book — she reads over 100 a year!