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What Are Transition Shots?

November 15th, 2020 | 1 min. read

What Are Transition Shots?

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By Gabe Harmat - Tennis Coach

The Missing Link

Quiz: What are the most missed shots in tennis?
Answer: Transition shots


What are transition shots?

Answer: Transition shots are used when a player is moving from one set of strokes to another. For example, moving up to the net from the baseline by using an approach shot, usually to be followed up by a volley and occasionally by an overhead.

Why are they the most missed shots?

Answer: The answer is quite simple.  These are the least practiced shots in tennis.  Lets face it, all tennis players follow a universal routine.  They rally from the baseline, hit a few volleys, several overheads and serves and then proceed to play a match.

The transition element is the missing link.

Moving from a ground stroke position to a volley, from a volley to an overhead, from a serve to a volley are transition game situations that require adjusting from one rhythm to another. 

How can one improve his transition game?

Answer: Hire a coach and use a ball machine.  Rehearsing simulated game situations with a coach can help you store lots of “muscle memory” and it will come handy in a real match.  Ball machine would be a second alternative.

If you want to add more fun to your game, become more competitive, and start playing with higher level players improve your transition skills.


Check with your pro if you are ready for this task.