By Jen Azevedo – Director of Tennis and Pickleball

We have friends at Paseo Club who only turn left when they get here.

In part, because they are intimidated by the tennis courts.  Why?  Because they don’t understand “tennis etiquette” and they are worried that they will break some arbitrary rule while they are coming to watch tennis players in action.  So it got us thinking – what are the really important aspects of tennis etiquette?  What are the things that everyone should know?  And, what can we remind ourselves of even if we’ve been playing forever?  Here’s what we came up with.

Tennis actually dates back to medieval times.


Seriously – when he received news of Anne Boleyn’s death, Henry VIII was playing tennis! Today’s sport has evolved in so many ways.  At Paseo Club, wearing your tennis whites has fallen by the wayside, and while it’s simply good form to congratulate an opponent on a great shot, there are no rules to regulate it.  For club tennis with no officials on site to help, etiquette is our way to keep the tennis moving smoothly.

Here are some of our favorite reminders for playing tennis at a competitive level:

  1. 99% out is 100% in. Keep it classy, Santa Clarita!
  2. Keep the score if you’re the server, and know the score if you’re the returner. It’s always ok to ask questions!
  3. Book your courts. Then cancel your courts. Courtesy is king!

These are a few of our favorites – what are yours? Send your best tennis etiquette reminders to [email protected] to be added to our ever evolving list.  It’s the PASEO CLUB way!