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What Is The Best Tennis Racket String Tension?

July 28th, 2020 | 1 min. read

What Is The Best Tennis Racket String Tension?

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By Jen Azevedo - Tennis and Pickleball Director

Strings - they're a tricky subject for some tennis players.


Obviously, they're a key component to playing tennis at any level, but just what goes into choosing strings? 

What do you string your racket with? How tight is your tension?  These are important questions to a tennis player, but what do the responses mean?  Many of us know what we like, but we can't always quite explain WHY.  

Personally, I have a Head Speed Pro that I string with HEAD Velocity at 52lbs.  I need a softer string because I've had some awesome tennis elbow before, and I like 52 because of the control it offers me on my volleys.  Moose plays with the HEAD Radical MP strung with HEAD Hawk Touch at 50lbs.  He wants a little extra power on his serve, and has no joint issues.  

Here is a breakdown of some of the information you'll want to understand before you drop your racket off for a restring:

As a general rule, beginners will enjoy the feel of a gut string while the more advanced player can use a polyester.  Intermediate players can swing to either side, or use a hybrid of both strings working together.  Keep in mind that there are so many strings of varying components available now, you might need to try a few different options before you find the perfect fit.

Then we come to the tension, or tightness of the strings.  Typically, the tighter the tension, the more control while the looser tension will provide more power.   Most rackets will come with a recommendation for string tension printed on the racket itself. This guide will help you to maximize the abilities of the racket coupled with the strings.


Having a pro shop like First Serve on site offers a great opportunity to have a professional explain the strings that might work best for you.  Ask Francis to help you find your best combo the next time you need fresh strings!