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You Need Tennis Lessons And Clinics To Become A Better Player

February 1st, 2020 | 2 min. read

You Need Tennis Lessons And Clinics To Become A Better Player

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By Jen Azevedo - Director of Tennis and Pickleball

In the tennis world at Paseo Club, there are countless opportunities to do more with your tennis and pickleball.

So, what really makes the most sense?  If you find your tennis to be great with the exception of that one specific thing, take a lesson.  Having a pro watch you in action can make a world of difference in short order.  There are no mirrors on the tennis court, and sometimes you have no idea that you’ve opened your body too early, too late, too much or not enough.  Spending an hour with one of our amazing staff of tennis professionals can give you the insight you need to stop putting that volley into the net, giving you the confidence you need to be successful at match time.

Matches, leagues, challenge court and drop in are just a few of the things that any player can jump into at Paseo Club to get more tennis in.  But what about making your tennis better?  Is a lesson better to improve your tennis, or are you better served (get it? Served…) with a group of similarly-leveled players in a clinic?  Do you need both?  Or just the ball machine to work on your consistency?  For anyone who has ever played against it, the ball machine always wins.  ALWAYS.

Feel good about your strokes, but have a hard time finding a comfort level on the court in a match?

Then clinic is for you.  More social than one on one time, clinics at Paseo give you the freedom to work on point scenarios with other players at your level.  See when it’s time to poach, feel the stress of playing against two back, or work on crashing the net with a pro alongside to coach you through the movements.  The next time you have the same situation in a match, you’ll ace it! (there’s another one…)

More than anything else, get out and play.  With so many great chances to play at Paseo, you can find time with your racket morning, noon and night!  To get more information on lessons and clinics, check out our website at www.thepaseoclub.com