An overall full body workout using straps with the barre to increase strength and flexibility, and lengthen muscles.


The fastest way in the universe to get in shape. The original barbell class set to motivating music and instructed by our nationally trained instructors. Workout every major muscle group in your entire body. The class is ideal for beginners as well as experienced weightlifters.


This cardio-based aqua class will give you a higher calorie burn while strengthening and sculpting the entire body. Combinations of aqua sprints, punches and kicks will leave you sweating in the water! 


Relieve stress and transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. Build strength from the inside out, and create a sleek toned body.


A great cardio workout, use the spin bike as a tool to sculpt your legs.  Bottled water required.


Cardio Express: A great cardio workout in a quick 30 minutes. Get your heart rate up and burns loads of calories while doing boot camp style drills. The class will be focusing on HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training.

Cardio Strength: A class that combines cardio, to get your heart rate up, and muscle conditioning exercises to build strength. A great all-in-one workout.


Focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures and slow mindful breathing. This provides the body and the mind an opportunity to heal by reducing both physical and emotional stress. A perfect balance for all levels of athletes and non-athletes.


An exciting hour of calorie burning, body-energizing movements with a Latin flavor and some international zest.  Easy to follow moves create this one-of-a-kind workout.

Zumba Atomic: A class for kids ages 6 and up.  Parents are welcome to walk them to the class and pick them up at 4:50 when the class is over.


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Happy Members


I participated in 2 classes today which were outstanding. I had given up all hope of using the Paseo club anymore due to chronic pain. I was delighted with the restorative yoga & MELT classes. Cathy Orr had done an outstanding job educating herself & bringing this technique to the Club has enriched my life and I\’m hopeful that my pain will be tremendously decreased. Thanks!

- Natalie Durst

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