The Paseo Club offers a 25 yard pool that is six lanes wide and is complemented by a Jacuzzi for the adults and a baby pool for the toddlers. The area surrounding the outdoor swimming pool is pristine and gives the ambiance of a five star resort in a family friendly atmosphere. Whether members are looking for a place to relax in the sun or get some lap swimming in, the pool area serves a variety of needs.


Try Our Pool

*Available for First-time visitors and non-members only.
*Must be 18 years of age or older, with local ID. 
*Some restrictions apply.


These swim lessons are offered to swimmers and non-swimmers of all ages and skill levels. Each child is taken at his/her own pace, level of swim, and comfortability in the water. There is no minimum or maximum amount of lessons required. Lessons are scheduled with Head Coach, Jimmy Owens ([email protected]), based on your schedule and instructor availability. Private lesson packages and pay-per-lesson options are available.

Private Lessons

Member Pricing
$80 for 1 x 30 minute lesson – $80
$60 for 4 x 30 minute lessons – $240
$50 for 8 x 30 minute lessons – $400

Semi-Private Swim Lessons (2 Children)

Member Pricing                                            
$50 for 1 x 30 minute lesson – $100
$40 for 4 x 30 minute lessons – $320
$160 per child
$30 for 8 x 30 minute lessons – $480
$240 per child

Private Group Swim Lessons (3 or more children)

Member Pricing                                                  
$30 for 8 x 45-minute lessons – $240

Non-member Pricing
$35 for 8 x 45 minute lessons – $280


This program is for age 18+ swimmers looking to improve their skills and endurance in the water. At each practice, Coach Jimmy gives goal-based workouts and technique advice. All levels of swim are welcomed! Practices are 60 minutes and begin with a warm-up set, which will include a swim/kick/pull/drill set. It is recommended that you have fins, paddles, kickboard, and a pull buoy. Although attendance is not required, our coaches would love to see a consistent and steady turn out.

Registration for each class is required!

Monthly Practice Schedule: 
5 am – 6:45 am & 8:30 am – 10:00am

Cost: Unlimited Classes per month $55.00 (Members)
**Gold Members have unlimited access to Masters Swim at no additional cost

Coach:  Jimmy Owens


Temperature (°F)
  • Pool: 82 degrees
  • Baby Pool: 82 degrees (Not heated during winter months)
  • Jacuzzi: 100 degrees

Pool Hours are the same as Club Hours.


All Paseo Club Members and Guests are required to wear attire specifically designed for swimming. The following policies will be strictly enforced:

• Thongs or any risqué bikini wear is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
• Basketball shorts, nylon shorts or sports bras may not be worn in the water.
• Any t-shirts worn over a bathing suit must be light in color (clothing other than swimwear can create issues with water clarity, disinfectant systems, and filtration).

The enforcement of these rules is to maintain a clean, safe and family-appropriate environment.

Happy Members


After hip surgery last year, I was forced to cut back from my go-to exercise of long-distance running and I wasn’t sure how I could get good calorie-burning workouts in without getting bored. Tribe has been the perfect solution. It’s a space where I can push at my own pace, modify exercises as needed and get a solid BURN without the boredom! I’m thankful for a coach who recognizes that and for a team who supports each other and throws a positive vibe in our Tribe!

- Courtney Bahr

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Summer Hours

Weekdays:  4:45am – 10pm
Weekends:  7am8pm