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7 things to love about Wine Down Wednesday

July 15th, 2022 | 5 min. read

7 things to love about Wine Down Wednesday

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7 Things to love about Wine Down Wednesdays


It is midweek. Hump day. The weekend feels miles away, and all that you see is a mountain of paperwork on your desk. You stare into the abyss waiting, wishing, hoping for some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.


And then you remember it’s Wednesday. Not any Wednesday. It is Wine Down Wednesday! The clouds part, angels begin to sing, and you beam the most radiant smile ever seen on earth… 


Ok, maybe it doesn’t all happen like that. But Wine Down Wednesday does make you happier. Right?


At Paseo Club, we know it is often the little things in life that lift our spirits and put a spring in our step. That is why we are not just a fitness club, we are a social club. Enjoying good food, music, and wine while visiting with friends contributes to a sense of belonging and improved mental health — something we can all appreciate.


In this article, we will give you the lowdown on seven things to love about one of Paseo Club’s most popular social events, Wine Down Wednesday, and the most frequently asked questions.


7 Things to Love about Wine Down Wednesday

1. Social connections

Wine Down Wednesday is the perfect space to experience the Paseo Club’s healthy, connected lifestyle. Members from all corners of the club come together to enjoy music in a lively setting.


2. Live music

We choose from Santa Clarita Valley’s finest local bands to take the stage during Wine Down Wednesday. Favorite acts include Mary Dyer Band, Kira Morrison, and New Recruits.


3. Learn about wine

The Paseo Club bartender staff has tons of knowledge about our wine list and our extensive list of fun and exciting drink options. After chatting the bartender up you will have newfound knowledge about wine that you can use to impress your friends!

4. Quality time

WDW is a great chance to enjoy friends and family. Great bands, good food, and fun drinks combine to make an enjoyable experience each time.


5. Stack activities together

Members like to get a workout in before WDW by attending yoga or Strictly Strength class. Court fans enjoy drop-in pickleball for a few games before heading to the Clubhouse.


6. Family-friendly event

Kids Club is open until 8 pm. Kids love to come and dance to the band before heading home for bedtime.


7. Meal options

The Paseo Club’s cafe is open during WDW, making it an excellent choice for dinner or a light snack. The cafe offers everything from smoothies and sodas to sandwiches, salads, and bowls. Grab hummus and veggies and nibble while enjoying a glass of wine.

FAQs about Wine Down Wednesdays

What is Wine Down Wednesday?

Wine Down Wednesday is the celebration of making it to mid-week! Paseo Club brings live music to the outdoor patio and drinks to the Clubhouse to provide a respite from the week.


Is Wine Down Wednesday Weekly?

During the summer, Wine Down Wednesday is offered every other week with Friday Night Festivities available on alternating weeks. WDW begins at 6:30 pm and goes until 10 pm when the club closes.


Who attends Wine Down Wednesday?

All members are welcome to Wine Down Wednesday. Potential members who want to learn more about the club are invited to join in the fun as well. Sometimes the crowd is an intimate dozen or so, other times WDW can reach up to one hundred attendees.


What if you don’t like wine?

Wine is just in the title — drink specials on Wednesdays include Paseo Punch, Blackberry Mojitos, and the Spicy Mango Margarita! Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.


Wine Down Wednesday isn’t the only fun event at Paseo Club

Now that you have read this article, you have an overview of why we, and so many of our members, are excited about Wine Down Wednesday.


The only thing more exciting at Paseo Club might be the Member Mixer or Dive-in Movie night. Maybe it’s Friday Night Festivities… It’s hard to choose›› from all our social events


Do you want to learn why socializing and exercise helps you feel better


Or do you want to check out one of our weekly community events

Come in for a tour to see what all the fun is about.