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Here's How To Improve Your Tennis Footwork

March 7th, 2020 | 1 min. read

Here's How To Improve Your Tennis Footwork

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By Brittany Pederson, Tennis Pro

In tennis, footwork is a huge part of the game.

Good footwork allows you to move well, set up well, have more balance while you swing, and gives you an advantage to being in better shape than your opponent.

Back peddling, shuffling, sprinting, karaoke steps, split stepping, lunges stepping on volleys, bouncing on your toes in ready position are all types of footwork you should work on to become a better, more advanced player. This is something that has improved my game and I know will improve others instantly.

Footwork is just as important to learn as the strokes are. You could have the best strokes in the world, but if you don’t move correctly- you won’t be able to have the balance or speed to hit hour shots in a match.

There are many ways to practice footwork on and off the court.

You can take it to the court and work on sprints, shuffling, backpedaling, cone work, ladders, and simple line drills.

Off the court, you can workout in the gym to improve yourself physically for on court movement. Running with intervals, lunges, box jumps, jump rope, and plyometric drills to get you quicker, faster once you're on the court.

Make sure you have a coach that’s ready to make you work on your fitness and footwork as a tool to your game.

Having a routine down that can inspire you will help, and you will love the way you feel on the court. Feeling your best out there is priceless.

Thanks for reading and keep moving!