The Paseo Club boasts one of the most beautiful tennis facilities in the country, with 14 Championship LED Lit Tennis Courts, and 4 pickleball courts spread out over 8 acres of scenery, and a state-of-the-art Stadium Court.


Paseo Club Tennis/ Pickleball Rules

  1. Masks are recommended at ALL TIMES when in the Paseo Club and are required at all times except during active exercise, swimming and eating.
  2. At this time, all gates, tables, chairs and water have been opened and removed from the courts. Please bring your own water, towels, wristbands, etc. and do not share with others.  Paseo Club has water bottles and beach towels for sale at the front desk.
  3. Reservations are required for tennis and pickleball courts. Reservations may be made up to seven days in advance, and ALL names using the reservation must be included.  Singles reservations 90 minutes, Doubles reservations 120 minutes, Ball Machine reservations 60 minutes on Court 6.  Incomplete reservations may be deleted from the system.
  4. Speakers are set up on the pickleball court for your enjoyment. Please ensure that any music played is all-age appropriate.
  5. Tennis court shoes are required on court. Please no black soled shoes.
  6. Lessons, drills and clinics are allowed only with Paseo Club Professionals. No outside tennis pros or non-staff trainers allowed.  At this time, there is a maximum of four players allowed on court at any time.
  7. Reservations may be made for separate family members, but each member in a reservation is required to wait at least 60 minutes before another reservation can begin on the courts. Reservation time in other areas of the club is allowed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our goal is to assist our adult members in playing tennis as quickly as possible and then teaching them the skills necessary to avoid injury and continuously improve their level. We provide activities for our most competitive players, as well as our very social players.


Our goal is to assist our adult members in playing tennis as quickly as possible and then teaching them the skills necessary to avoid injury and continuously improve their level. We provide activities for our most competitive players, as well as our very social players.

Tennis Leagues 

We offer a number of leagues where members of similar levels play against each other for awards. Each league lasts 7 weeks. Awards, a party and great games of tennis are included in the fee! Our tennis leagues are a perfect way to get to know members at your skill level.

USTA Leagues 

The Paseo Club boasts over 12 USTA teams. These teams play against other clubs. There are four leagues per year which last approximately 12 weeks.

Doubles Round Robin

Enjoy a beautiful evening at The Paseo Club playing some great tennis, then hanging out with friends! Sign up with a partner or let us pair you up with someone. Grab a beverage or two in the Loggia afterward. Format may vary as some are keep your own partner and others have partner switching, but they are always fun!

Weekday Round Robins

Once per month during the school year.  Enjoy some tasty breakfast treats  and then head out to the courts for round robin play.  Every event is themed, so dress to impress and have some fun!

Evening Tennis Mixers

Held each quarter, these events offer the chance to team up with friends to play timed sets against a variety of opponents.

Color Wars

Held twice per year, Color Wars is one of our most popular events and teams of all levels can enjoy it. A morning of tennis matches and great competition followed by lunch and awards! Players are divided into four teams, each with its own color and team captain. The teams compete in doubles matches throughout the morning to determine the champion! After tennis, a great lunch will be served and by 1:00 pm, you have had a great day filled with tennis, friends, and maybe even bragging rights!

Round Robin and Luncheons

Our extremely popular Round Robin and Luncheons will are held a few times each year. The tennis begins at 9:00 am and at about 11:30, a fabulous luncheon will be awaiting you!

Challenge Court

Any level is welcome, but generally, participants play at a level of 3.5 or above. Our Stadium Court is open to allow teams to challenge each other in a drop in style format. The winning team of a set stays on and plays the next team in line. Challenge courts start every day at 9:00 am and runs until 12:00 pm, or until there are no more teams to play.



Next Leagues, Spring 2020, leagues beginning early April 2020.  Deadline to sign up is March 24, 2020.

Click here to sign up now!

Current Fall League Results – Winter League, 2020 League Rosters, Schedules, and Results.

Ladies Flex Singles League  

Men’s Flex Singles League – updated 02/28/2020 12:30pm

Monday Night Ladies Ladder Doubles League 3.0 6:30 pm

Tuesday Night Men’s Doubles League 3.5 7:30 pm – updated 3/10/2020 10:30am

Wednesday Evening Men’s Singles League 5:30 pm

Beer League Wednesdays – updated 2/28/2020 12:30pm

Thursday Morning Ladies Ladder Doubles League 3.0 8:30 am – updated 2/28/2020 12:30pm

Thursday Night Men’s Singles League 7:30 pm

Friday Morning Ladies Doubles League 3.0 8:30 am – updated 3/11/2020 10:30am

Please email our Tennis League Coordinator, Jen Azevedo and let her know your level of play, and what league(s) you would be interested in being a substitute in.


We have outlined some policies to help our members enjoy their tennis experience as much as possible.

Click Here to view tennis policies.

Weekday Reservations
  • You may reserve a court up to two (2) days in advance with the exception of weekends and holidays before 12:00 pm.
  • If a weekday Holiday has special hours, then there are no reservations before noon.  If a weekday Holiday has normal hours, then court reservations may be made up to 2 days in advance.
  • If you are calling to reserve a court, you may call at 11:00 am, 2 days in advance.
  • To reserve a court, you may go online at 7:00 am.  Click here to go to online court booking.
  • To set up your member online booking,  Cick here.
  • You may also call the front desk at 661-257-0044, or go to the front desk and give them the names of the players you will be playing with at 9:00 am
  • If you are playing singles, your reservation guarantees you at least one hour of play.
  • If you are playing doubles, your reservation guarantees you at least ninety minutes of play.
  • You may play as long as you wish or until the next group comes out to take your court.
  • You may not reserve back to back time slots. You must wait at least 60 minutes after a singles reservation and at least 90 minutes after a doubles reservation ends to have a new reservation.  For example, if you are playing singles and you reserve a court at 5:00 pm, you cannot reserve another court until at least 7:00 pm.  If you are playing doubles and you reserve a court at 5:00 pm, you may not reserve another court until 8:00 pm.
  • You may not reserve a specific court number.  If you book a court online, you will book a specific court number but you might be moved to accommodate more members playing tennis if necessary.
  • If you are fifteen (15) minutes late for your reservation and don’t notify the front desk, your court reservation may be forfeited if other members are waiting.
  • Reservations are not mandatory but recommended when allowed.  You may also check in at the front desk and request a court.


Weekend and Holiday Reservations
  • On Weekends and certain Holidays, court reservations are not accepted until 12:00 pm.  During these times, courts are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If a weekday Holiday has special hours, then there are no reservations before noon.  If a weekday Holiday has normal hours, then court reservations may be made up to 2 days in advance.
  • To get a court, check in at the front desk when all players arrive, and if a court is available, you will be assigned that court and you may play.
  • If there is not a court available, you will be given a time to come back to the front desk for your court assignment.
  • For singles, you are guaranteed 60 minutes of play and for doubles, you are guaranteed 90 minutes of play.


Rules and Etiquette of Play

  • All members and their guests must register with the front desk staff prior to using courts.
  • Tennis players will be assigned to a court when they check in with the desk.
  • When walking on a court that people are playing on, you should wait until the point is over, then politely let the group know that you are entering the court.
  • Excessive noise is acceptable on and around the tennis courts, with very few exceptions.
  • No food or drinks, other than water or sports drinks should be brought onto the tennis court.
  • When leaving the court, it is expected that you will throw away all trash, place any tennis balls should be picked up and either placed into the top slot of the trash cans outside the courts where used tennis balls are requested to be placed into or brought to the front desk if you no longer want them.
  • Your used towels should be placed in the towel bins throughout the Club or at the front desk.
  • Members are required to familiarize themselves, their family and their guests with the rules and etiquette of tennis, as outlined in the United States Tennis Association (USTA) handbook.
  • The tennis professionals, acting under the direction of Management, have responsibility for supervision and control of all matters relating to play on the tennis courts.
  • The tennis professionals may refuse court privileges to anyone who, in the professional’s judgment, violates the rules of play and etiquette.
  • Members may make requests for specific courts; however, while we will try to accommodate each request, we cannot guarantee them.


Activities Prohibited on the Tennis Courts

The following items and activities are prohibited on tennis courts:

  • Food or beverages (other than water or sports drinks), chewing gum, glass containers, smoking, racquet throwing, use of profanity, and abuse of The Paseo Club property (i.e. hitting balls against the windscreen…) are prohibited on the tennis courts.
  • No game other than tennis may be played on the courts without permission from the Management.


Dress Code

Members must wear appropriate attire in styles specifically designed for tennis at all times while on the court.  Tennis shoes must be worn while on the courts (No black sole shoes of any type are permitted on the courts).

Tennis T-shirt or collared shirt – No tank tops or torn shirts may be worn. Shirts must be worn at all times while on the court.  Tennis shorts or warm-ups must be worn on the tennis courts, and ripped or cut-off shorts may not be worn.

 Tennis shirt or tennis tank tops are permitted.
 Sports bras must be covered by a tennis shirt or tank top.
 Tennis shorts, skirts, or warm-ups must be worn while on the courts, and bike shorts are not acceptable.

We have these policies so that everyone’s experience on the tennis courts will be enjoyable.  Thank you for doing your part to make The Paseo Club a great place to play.


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