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The Best Gyms In Santa Clarita

September 22nd, 2021 | 5 min. read

The Best Gyms In Santa Clarita

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So you've decided it's time to get in shape.  The first job?  Find out where you want to go to get it done.  Deciding on the best fit for your fitness can be a difficult challenge.  You've got to determine the type of fitness environment, and whether you'll be happy in a gym, box, studio or outdoor space.  Then comes deciphering what will work for you in the long term to successfully reach your goals.  In a saturated area like the SCV, that can pose a challenge of its own.  We are going to focus today on some of the best in our area for fitness opportunities.
Flex N' Burn: 
Pros: Quick and timely.  30 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  The trainers at Flex N' Burn are busy, with several morning and evening workouts each day during the week to meet your needs.  The workout is quick, just 30 minutes, yet packs a punch.  You'll likely burn the same amount of calories as a longer and slower class, plus your accelerated heart rate will keep you burning long after you've left the parking lot.  
Cons: Costly, a one time pass is $25.  The costs go down with larger commitments, but still cost as much as areas with more than just a class schedule available.  No childcare available, so you'd better squeeze this one in while the kids are at school.  
Grit & Gratitude
Pros: A positive blend of Pilates and Power Plates give a unique workout option unlike anything else offered in our area.  A stunning team of ladies lead the way here, showcasing perfect bodies built by balancing on the Plates and stretching on the reformers, you can expect each class to offer some time for clarity and meditation.  The studio is as gorgeous as the instructors on site, and the boutique is filled with the cutest clothes, jewelry and accessories.  
Cons: Also pricey, the 30 and 50-minute classes offered can be done a la carte or in packages.  Again, no kids' offerings, so this one is best planned during school.  Evening classes are also at a minimum, so this might be a tough fit for full-time working fitness aficionados.
Pros: Considered by many to be the toughest of the options, Afterburn offers a variety of classes centered around intensity training of all levels, working to get the most extreme version of lifting, battling and sweating in our valley.  A more affordable option if you are using it regularly, you can take all the classes you can fit for just $99 per month.  Also the most options, with classes as early as 4am and as late as 6:30pm. There is a kids space, so parents with smaller kids have an option available to them.
Cons: While the most hardcore, this is also the most intimidating of the gym options in our area. If you are new to a fitness routine, this one might be a little too "crazy" to keep you enjoying the process.
Hardcore Fitness
Pros: Built with a weight loss mindset, Hardcore trainers come with a "clients first" mentality.  Using a bootcamp method coupled with open gym times, this is the team-focused group of the bunch. Also the most extras involved, with on site food and apparel taking a front seat.  Hardcore originated in Santa Clarita and has franchised out more than the other gyms listed, so this might be the most "familiar" space of the boutique gyms in the SCV. 
Cons: The team mentality isn't the best fit for those with specific individual goals, so you might sometimes feel lost in the shuffle here.  The yearly challenge is the big push here, but the competition is all about winning, which doesn't fit every style.
Club Pilates
Pros: A full-service Pilates studio, Club Pilates offers numerous classes each weekday for all levels of fitness and comfort with the Reformer.  Also a franchise space, you may find comfort in the familiar if you've been to other traditional Pilates studios, and the schedule of different types of classes is a bonus to those who may not be hard-core reformer fanatics.
Cons: Mixed reviews come in here with regards to the expertise level of the instructors.  No kids spaces available on site, but the wide array of class offerings does make it simpler for any schedule.
CrossFit Coveted
Pros: A family-style feel, if you are happy using words like WOD and BOX, this might be your perfect fit. This is a CrossFit gym, so the workouts, while scalable, are designed with heavy weights and dynamic body movements in mind.  Burpees anyone?
Cons: If you are new to CrossFit, the training style can be intimidating.  The movements are meant to be precise, and may feel too tough to really join into another group in the start.  No kids spaces are offered on site.
Now that you've seen the best that the Santa Clarita Valley has to offer, you can begin to make informed choices for your own fitness goals.  Depending on the style of fitness you are committed to, you may find your best fit at one spot, or at a variety of places in town.  The important thing is that it fits your lifestyle, so you aren't forcing something that won't make it in the long run.  Happily, the fitness options above each offer a trial option, so you could take a pretty extensive week of workouts and see each one for yourself.  Just plan to be pretty sore and tired by the weekend!  
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