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What can I expect on a tour of Paseo Club?

June 7th, 2022 | 9 min. read

What can I expect on a tour of Paseo Club?

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What Can I Expect on a Tour of The Paseo Club?


When you are looking to join a club, you will see there are several options in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Paseo Club is unique because it is a social club that offers fitness programs, kids’ programs, social gatherings, and a café. There are so many different exciting options at Paseo that you’ll want to learn about them all. The simplest way to do that is to attend a Paseo Club tour! In this article, you will learn about what a tour at the club looks like so you can decide if you would like to come in for one. If you are ready to sign up for a membership, we will give you that opportunity too. 

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for the Tour?

A tour of the Paseo Club is a great way to help you envision how you can spend your time at the club. On the tour, you will get a window into the day-to-day of what your life can look like here. You will be able to see how your family can enjoy the facilities — using the courts, swimming in the pool, joining a group fitness class, and more. 

It is best when all of the “decision-makers” in the family attend the tour so that the experience can truly be worth your while. If you would like your kids to see the club as well, a great time to do that is to bring them to a special events night such as Dive In Movies. 


  • Tours – Tours last 30-40 minutes so make sure to block out that time in your schedule to spend at the club
  • Attire – Wear comfortable walking shoes because the Paseo Club is an eight-acre facility and we will be covering, while not every square inch, quite a lot of ground
  • Come with questions since our staff love to talk about their programs, whether it is Pilates, weight-training, Liquid Cardio, or pickleball


What Will I See on the Tour?

1. Courts

Many people come to Paseo Club because of their love of pickleball or tennis. (In fact, a Court Membership is available just for them). You are going to see firsthand our 13 tennis and 11 pickleball courts where people will be playing drop-in games or competing in league matches. 

Members can play with friends and family or sign up for a "starter program.” Starter programs are for those who are new to the courts. It helps create a strong foundation of tennis or pickleball skills and gives members the opportunity to develop a relationship with our pro staff. Members also enjoy meeting others who they can learn and play with. 

There are pro instructors for pickleball and tennis on staff to help teach at every level. The pros at Paseo are experts in their field and many of them have played at a collegiate level. Working with a pro means you are getting the best instruction to grow your abilities on the court. A tennis pro will take the time to assess your skills and work to further all aspects of your game from a physical and mental perspective. As pickleball continues to grow at such dizzying speeds, having a pro to teach clinics helps to find the holes in your game and learn to assess your opponents. 

Paseo even has a kid's program. Starting as young as age three, kids can begin to learn the sport which is a skill that will last a lifetime. 

2. Fitness Facilities

The Paseo Club has over 60 fitness classes available to members. There are morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Staff love to show off the gym, indoor studios, and outdoor pavilions. 


Check out our fitness area:


  • Weights and rigs in the outdoor “yard”
  • Reformers in the Pilates studio
  • Bikes in the cycle studio
  • Exercise equipment in the functional fitness room


Members can join group classes, or if they want a little extra instruction, private and semi-private classes with one of the amazing instructors are available as well. To learn more about classes, check out the descriptions and schedule here: https://www.thepaseoclub.com/fitness.


On the tour, you may meet any number of instructors — tennis, pickleball, fitness, Pilates, yoga, and more. Feel free to ask any questions as you walk through the club. It is always fun to talk with prospective members and the staff love answering questions.


3. Junior-Olympic Pool

The six-lane junior-Olympic pool is a great place to exercise or simply cool off on a hot day. There are several fun options available at the pool.


  •  Lap swim – Lanes can be reserved in hour-long blocks so you can get your exercise in.
  •  Masters swim – This is a nationally-recognized program at Paseo Club. Swimmers meet every MWF for workouts to develop their skills. Swimmers participate in adult swim meets internationally this year, as well as Ironman competitors who need to edge their endurance in the water.
  • Aquatics classes for the adults – Liquid Cardio is one of the most popular classes in the group exercise schedule. It is offered six times per week in the pool. Water weights and noodles may be used, helping to provide a complete workout for every fitness level with little impact.  
  • Swim lessons – Paseo Club has teamed up with Dorado Swim to offer swim lessons for every level, year-round. 
  • Paseo Aquatics – The aquatics program was started with just a few juniors at Paseo and has grown to be the biggest juniors program in the Santa Clarita Valley using several pools in the area to facilitate every level of swimmer. Kids grow up within Paseo Aquatics and go on to represent their high schools and many go on to collegiate swimming.


4. The Kids Club

The Kids Club is a great “home away from home” for the youngest members. Children can come here for games, art, and play. Kids Corner is the program for children starting at 3 months of age up until 4 years old. The little ones play with building blocks, toy cars, toy phones, puzzles, and bouncy balls. Kids Club is for potty-trained four-year-olds through twelve-year-olds. There are toys for this older age group that promote cognitive development and creativity and help further develop social skills including Legos, doll houses, board games, race tracks, and the play kitchen. There are also outdoor play facilities for kids so they can jump, swing, and climb to their hearts’ content.

All of the staff have experience caring for children and are CPR certified. There is a teacher-to-child ratio of 6 to 1 that is strictly adhered to. 


What are the “The Perks” of The Paseo Club?

The Paseo Club is not just a fitness club. The club is loved so much that it has become a place for everyone in the family to hang out. 


There are kids’ programs and classes so that they always have something fun to do. This could be playing with friends at the Kids Club or joining one of the many fitness or swim programs specially designed for kids.


A delicious café is on-site for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a great place for visiting with friends (try the Power Monkey smoothie after a tough workout to refresh yourself)! After class, families often share a meal to catch up on “quality time” together.



On the tour, you can check out the calendar for the upcoming social events. Popular gatherings at the club are:


  • Wine Down Wednesdays
  • Date Night for parents and care providers
  • Dive-In Movie Night


There is a spa where you can enjoy some wonderful options. There is one esthetician where members receive facials and other beauty treatments. There are two massage therapists that have 12 years and 11 years of experience. They offer many types of massage styles including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, aromatherapy, and massage using CBD oil. Members contact the practitioners directly to schedule the treatment they choose. 


Can I Join the Club Immediately?



If you are ready to sign up for club membership for yourself or your family, you can do that at the end of the tour. In fact, some people bring their paddles to the tour so they can start playing a game of pickleball right away. 


There is no pressure to join the club at the end of the tour. If The Paseo Club isn’t a good fit for you or you need more time to consider your options, that is ok. You can always join at another time.


Do I Need to Take a Tour Before Becoming a Member?

A tour is not mandatory to join Paseo Club. 


You are welcome to become a member at any point and learn about the club as you visit. You can also take a tour after you have become a member. There is staff on hand in all sections of the club to answer any of your questions so you can learn more.


How Can I Schedule a Tour?

In this article, you learned all about what a tour of the Paseo Club looks like. Now you know if taking the next step and coming in for a tour is right for you. Scheduling a tour is easy and takes just seconds. Simply click Take a Tour. Alternately, email the membership staff at membership@thepaseoclub.com


Tours are offered seven days a week from 7 am-7 pm on the weekdays and from 9 am-6 pm on the weekends. So, no matter how busy you are with work, kids, or life, Paseo Club has time for you.