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What does it cost to be part of the Paseo Club?

November 2nd, 2021 | 6 min. read

What does it cost to be part of the Paseo Club?

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If you've never been to the Paseo Club, there is a lot to take in at first glance.  You have decided that you want a healthy place for your family to connect.  A place to come together to enjoy activities but also find your own specific activities to enjoy with others.


There is obviously a cost associated with becoming a member of a private club.  But what is involved in that cost?  How expensive is it  


But once you arrive, there is a lot to absorb.  For starters, the size is impressive - 8 acres of land, nestled against the wonderful trail system of Santa Clarita.  And inside those 8 acres?  


There are 11tennis courts, 11pickleball courts, a 25-yard pool, a small group training studio, a Pilates room, two separate children's facilities... the list itself can look exhausting!  


So, what does a membership to Paseo Club cost?  Here's a breakdown.


The 2 Membership Options at Paseo Club

As of Summer 2021, Paseo Club has two types of membership:  The Court membership and The Fitness membership.  The difference?  About half the club.  


Court Membership

Our Court membership is the full offering and covers all four corners of the club.  Tennis, pickleball, pool, fitness, and all the social components of a club atmosphere.  You could engage in a separate activity every day of the week and still find more to do.  The membership offerings break into a single adult, couple, family, and a junior membership for those under the age of 18 who want to partake in club life.  Pricing is broken down as follows:


  • Single: (18+): $145 per month plus $150 to join
  • Couple: (a couple may choose to add-on kids for no additional cost until the age of 10): $230 per month plus $200 to join
  • Family: (children until age 23): $267 per month plus $250 to join 
  • Junior: (any child aged 10-18, with parental consent under Rules & Regulations): 

$95 per month plus $100 to join.


What onboarding looks like

Upon signing up, we help you to onboard the right way, allowing you to put down roots in all your favorite activities while helping you and your family to explore some new ones as well.  Should you be starting your tennis or pickleball journey, we offer beginners programs for each, so our pros can teach you all the fundamentals of either sport.  Take 4 weeks of FREE beginners tennis with our USPTA-certified staff, and finish the process with a “graduation” certificate and a “Rookies & Rose” event to showcase your new skills!



Well-versed in the racket life?  You’ll find a home within Paseo Club leagues, UTR, USTA, clinics, drills, and social tennis events.  Every month, you’ll have another fun event to meet new people and enjoy your court time.  


Prefer the paddle?  Join us for weekly drop-in times to meet plenty of pickleballers, or come to our monthly Scoreholio events to get some great competition.  The ease of crossover makes participating in both sports a terrific blend of court time, and your membership allows you to access it all. 

With the Platinum membership add-on option, you also have access to 16 tennis drills and 4 pickleball drills each week, in addition to Pilates, Functional Fitness, a free locker in the Executive Locker Room, and discounts on all your cafe purchases. (with the exception of alcoholic beverages) 


Fitness Membership

Want all Paseo has to offer but you've never held a racket or a paddle?  Then the fitness membership category is for you.  Our three-story gym, the TRIBE room, the Yard, our outdoor pavilions as well as the social life are waiting for you.  Over 70 classes in our Group Exercise schedule each week mean you can try classes in the Pavilions, in the indoor gym, and in the pool to build strength and functionality.  


Fitness Members Pricing is as follows:

  • Single: (18+): $93 per month plus $150 to join
  • Couple: (a couple may choose to add-on kids for no additional cost until the age of 10): $178 per month plus $200 to join
  • Family: (children until age 23): $220 per month plus $250 to join 
  • Junior: (any child aged 10-18, with parental consent under Rules & Regulations): $70 per month plus $100 to join.


Whether you are an Ironman creating a wake or just prefer the pool to cool off, our pool is literally at the center of Paseo Club life.  With a Paseo Club membership, you’ll have access to 6 liquid cardio classes per week, where instructors will help you work all the major muscles without any impact and with the natural resistance of the water.  Your kids can take swim lessons using Dorado Swim at the Paseo Club, and join Paseo Aquatics swim teams to make the most of their swim time.  And don’t forget to relax poolside any day! 


What onboarding looks like

When you become a fitness member at the Paseo Club, your well-being is our focus.  From a welcome email detailing all the fitness areas have to offer to a FREE private training session with one of the trainers to assess your fitness needs and desires, you will have the chance to get comfortable in your surroundings.  


Additional Programs

But wait, there’s more! In addition to all the programming included in our membership offerings, there are additional programs just for you.  Paseo Club offers TRIBE seasons throughout the year in three different formats: TRIBE FIT, TRIBE LIFE, and TRIBE CORE.  These small group training seasons last 6 weeks (plus a free trial week each season!) and focus on team camaraderie and coaching to get you to the next level in your fitness journey.  Higher intensity and higher impact workout with TRIBE FIT will leave your heart racing at the end of each unique session.  Low Impact, Functional Exercise sounds easier but will torch calories in TRIBE LIFE.  Finally, work your back, booty, belly, and shoulders in TRIBE CORE, the most functional and most useful to all other sport training sessions.



Looking for small group assistance and want the benefit of nutritional guidance? Join Paseo’s Greatest Results team.  Also run with 6-week sessions in mind, your coaches will help you find your best self while learning the details of fueling your body and working it out.  Several workout options per week give you the flexibility to fit it all into your schedule, and the coaching staff will help you at each step to get the most out of your time.


Have you tried Pilates?  Paseo Club’s Pilates studio offers a tranquil space to enjoy your practice with certified instructors.  Beginners classes are happening each week if you’ve never tried the reformer class before. Move through to our all-level classes and work into the level ⅔ classes for the advanced Pilates athletes.  As part of our Platinum membership, you have unlimited access to Pilates classes all week long, in addition to Functional Fitness classes, a half locker in our Executive Locker Rooms, and discounts on all your cafe purchases. (excluding alcoholic beverages)



With so many things to do, there’s little time to waste.  It’s time to check out Paseo Club and see where your healthy, connected life starts!


If you are interested in possibly joining the Paseo Club, please consider signing up for a

7 day free trial. We can't wait to see you here!