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How much does a social club cost?

June 17th, 2022 | 5 min. read

How much does a social club cost?

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We know how important it is to engage in your hobbies or interests and feel a sense of belonging. Social clubs large and small are created to build a community around a central interest or activity. They help people make friends and feel a sense of connection with other enthusiasts of like interests.


At Paseo Club, we have created a home away from home for our members for over sixteen years. We’ve talked with thousands of our members to learn what makes a club meet their social needs and interests. 


In this article, we will look at the cost of social clubs — the good, the bad, and the ugly. By the time you are finished reading, you will have a better idea about the costs of social clubs and what to anticipate if you choose to join one.

How much does it cost to be a member of a social club?

Membership fees depend on the type of club you are a member of, the overhead of the facilities and amenities, and the degree of exclusivity the club provides.


Smaller social clubs can be free or charge only nominal fees. For example, a book club or bird watching club are typically free. These types of clubs are generally hosted at members’ homes or in public spaces outdoors. Because they have no overhead, there are no fees. 


Established clubs with buildings, equipment, and staff require larger fees to maintain and upkeep their club and for payroll. For example, country clubs, yacht clubs, and fitness clubs all have extensive infrastructure that requires maintenance, equipment, employees, and other expenses. 


Monthly dues vary from club to club. Below are the average monthly costs of three types of social clubs. This does not include fees for additional services.


  • Fitness clubs: $100-$200 
  • Country clubs: $300-$700
  • Yacht clubs: $35-$500


What types of memberships are available at social clubs?


Some clubs are informal, volunteer-run clubs such as a book club. Others are more developed and come with facilities and supplies that pertain to the interest or activity that is central to the club. 


Most clubs will have tiered membership options such as: 


  • a single person
  • partner
  • family membership

Are there initiation fees?

Many social clubs charge initiation fees to solidify the member experience going forward. It helps to build a foundation of belonging to a facility and it is often used to pay for a salesperson's commission. 


The initiation fee also helps to cover monthly expenses while onboarding a new member.


The cost of the initiation fee is anywhere from $100-200 to upwards of five figures at exclusive clubs. 

Why do some classes cost extra and others are free with membership?

When you are a member of a social club you are paying for access to a number of amenities. But those fees cannot cover the expenses of everything. 


Many clubs offer specialty classes and learning opportunities that must be paid for in addition to your regular dues. These classes cost extra because they offer smaller class sizes, a specialist with higher fees is brought in to instruct, or the activity requires more costly supplies. Typical costs are:


  • Specialty classes: $15-$30
  • Small group classes: $15-$40
  • Private training: $70-$100

Are there hidden fees with social clubs?

Many social clubs charge no additional fees beyond the initiation fee and the monthly or annual dues. If you join a country, yacht, or fitness social club then the fee schedule will likely be different. 


These types of social clubs offer access to additional amenities that are not available with a standard membership. Below is a list of common extra services and average costs associated with them.


  • Small-Group or Private Instruction: $15-$100 per class
  • Dining: $15-$50 per person/per meal
  • Work Space: $75-$150 per hour
  • Storage Services for Personal Belongings: $225 per year
  • Specialty Classes: $15-$30 per class
  • Childcare: $10-$15 per hour/per child
  • Camps: $200-$450 per week 
  • Kid’s Lessons/Programs: $10-$50 per class


Do social clubs offer scholarships or reduced-rate memberships?

Whether the social club offers a discount on fees and dues (or not) is specific to the club. 


Many clubs offer a reduction for people in the service industry such as police officers, members of the military and veterans, and even nurses and teachers. 


To find out if your local club offers discounted fees or not, you will need to speak to their director of sales. Sometimes there is an application process that needs to be completed as part of requesting a scholarship.


Do social clubs offer childcare? 

Services for children vary club by club. Some clubs are designated for adults only. Others are family-friendly and seek to include the entire family — babies, children, adults, and seniors. 


These types of clubs generally offer drop-in childcare for children that is on-site. While the parent is exercising, swimming, playing golf, or otherwise engaged in an activity, the child is being cared for by qualified instructors. 


Childcare tends to be much more affordable than hiring a private babysitter, sometimes even half of the price. Typically childcare costs $10-$15 per hour but monthly childcare plans can also be available for as little as $40 per month with unlimited visits. 


Why should I pay for a social club membership? 

Social clubs are a great resource for making friends, learning about subjects of interest, and building community. Social clubs help foster a sense of belonging.


Now that you have read this article you know the costs associated with social clubs. What you probably realized is that those expenses can be nonexistent, modest, high, and even exorbitant. Since these costs vary so greatly, we recommend you tour the club you are interested in and speak with the staff to learn more about their fee schedule.


If you are interested in joining a social club with a focus on health and fitness, check out the Paseo Club in Santa Clarita Valley. Memberships start at $100 per month for an individual. There are couples and family rates as well. We offer tours during our hours of operation every day of the week. 

Still interested in learning more about club costs? Read this article here about how social clubs compare to country clubs.