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Ice Cream in the Santa Clarita Valley: An in-depth review

July 7th, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Jen Azevedo

Very few things are as delicious and refreshing as a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day. Whether you want something rich and chocolatey, light and fruity, or chock full of candy, brownies, and cookie bits, ice cream is a traditional American dessert.

The Santa Clarita Valley is a hub for many delicious restaurants, cafes, and ice creameries. In fact, we found eight ice cream shops in the Santa Clarita Valley! With so much ice cream to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one to visit.

Luckily, the Paseo Club community decided to help you out. Although we are dedicated fitness enthusiasts, we know that it is nice to indulge occasionally with something sweet and creamy. 

In this article, you will learn what ice cream shops are in Santa Clarita, their pros and cons, costs, and grades based on location, quality, diversity of flavors, and price. The shops are listed in alphabetical order. 

comp_pexels-roman-odintsov-4870544-1Ice Cream in the Santa Clarita Valley

Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is a famous chain with some of our favorite names in ice cream flavors. The local B&J’s is next to Barnes and Noble at the end of the car dealerships on Valencia Blvd. 

Pros:  Everyone knows Ben and Jerry’s famous flavors, including Cherry Garcia, Cookie Dough, and Chunky Monkey.

Cons: You can find a pint to take home in your local grocery store, so it’s hard to be surprised by the offerings at the shop. 

Good fit: Ben and Jerry’s is a fun stop for a tasty treat if you are stopping by to grab some books next door.

Bad fit: The location is not the simplest to access if you aren’t book shopping in the area too. 

Cost: $6.50 for a scoop. 

Grade: B

Quote: “Chocolate Fudge Brownie is the perfect amount of chocolate.” - Charlee


comp_pexels-andrea-piacquadio-799925-1C & A Cafe and Creamery

C & A Cafe and Creamery is a small shop in New Saugus. C & A are famous for their ice cream sandwiches. Choose your favorite type of cookie (or two) and combine it with the ice cream flavor of your choice. The pancake and bacon cookie with vanilla ice cream is a popular option. 

Pros: There are many unique and traditional flavors to satisfy the entire family when you are out together.  

Cons: There are several flavors to choose, but Ube cookies might not bring out the best in mud pie ice cream. 

Good fit: C & A is a great place to hit up when you are on that side of town and looking for something unique. 

Bad fit: Be prepared to sit awhile and enjoy yourself. There’s not much table space. 

Cost: A single cup or cone is $4.70 without a cookie. 

Grade: B

Quote: “Cotton candy ice cream is good, but the cookie was too sweet.” - Charlee

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery is a chain favorite. Cold Stone is the best choice for tasty mix-ins. Watching the staff work your toppings into the ice cream guarantees fun in every bite.

Pros: There are lots of tasty flavors — ice cream and toppings. Their ice cream is made fresh at every store. 

Cons: It can get pricey quickly, depending on what you choose.

Good fit: If you like customizing your blends, this is the place. Or you can choose one of their tried and true mixes from their menu, such as Cake Batter Batter Batter™, Chocolate Devotion ®, or Berry Berry Berry Good ®.

Bad fit: Cold Stone is not the best place if  you’re looking for something simple. 

Cost: A small scoop starts at $7.44.

Grade: B

Quote: “It’s good, but it’s hard to finish.” - Charlee

devil and Angel_IMG_4614-1Devil and Angel Desserts

Devil and Angel Desserts is located on the patios of the mall. They offer a selection of boba, donuts, and soft serve to make your shopping experience a little sweeter. 

Pros: There are fun and different bobas and donut options such as lemon lychee, Cookie Monster, and strawberry mascarpone. There are a few soft-serve flavors as well. 

Cons: Devil and Angel is located in the mall, so parking can be tough. The affogato was more soft-serve ice cream than anything else, but it had a nice flavor. 

Good fit: There are lots of sugar fixes, so all your cravings can be cured. 

Bad fit: Since finding parking at the mall can be so time-consuming, Devil and Angel is not a good fit if you are short on time.

Cost: Small soft serve on a cone is $5.50.

Grade: B+

Quote: “I’ve never had gray ice cream, but it was really good with the donut.” - Charlee

Michoacana_IMG_4302 (1)La Michoacana Newhall

La Michoacana Newhall offers unique Mexican-inspired snacks and treats, including ice cream, fruit bars, esquites (a corn snack), mangonadas (mango sorbet with a chili-lime sauce), tostilocos (tortilla chips with pickled pork rinds), esquimal (a type of popsicle), shakes, and smoothies.

Pros: La Michoacana is easy to locate, has a large parking lot, and a wide variety of options. There are several flavors of ice cream and different desserts like waffle cones, milkshakes, and churro bowls. 

Cons: The stranger flavors might not appeal to everyone. 

Good fit: Come here to enjoy a fun Mexican flair to your dessert. 

Bad fit: People looking for traditional ice cream flavors will not find them here. 

Cost: A single cup of one flavor is just $4.65. 

Grade: C+

Quote: “There are fun flavors, but it is not my favorite dessert.” - Charlee 

Pam’s Donuts and Ice Cream

Pam’s Donuts and Ice Cream is a tiny shop next to the original La Cocina. There are more donuts than ice cream, but both are tasty, if not terribly original. 

Pros: The parking lot is small but efficiently located. The service is efficient. 

Cons: They have no website. You must reach them by phone at (661) 297-4252.

Good fit: Pam’s is a quick stop for a cup or donut that’s easy on your wallet. 

Bad fit: Pam’s is not the place if you want something fancy. 

Cost: Ice cream costs $3.00 for a decently sized scoop.

Grade: B

Quote: “The donut was better than the ice cream, but they’re both good after-school snacks.” - Charlee 

pexels-lukas-1352278POPS Artisanal Creamery

POPS Artisanal Creamery is a cute shop on the charming corner of Main Street and Lyons Ave. in Newhall. The ice cream is great quality with unique flavors and lots of coffee-flavored choices too! 

Pros: POPS is in a charming space, has charming employees, and is in a great location. 

Cons: POPS can be difficult to get to when the farmers market or other Main Street events are happening. 

Good fit: Look for some fun specialty items — like coconut sundaes and horchata or pink guava ice cream! Vegans will delight in their sorbets. 

Bad fit: POPS is a poor fit for people who want traditional flavors with traditional toppings. 

Cost: A kid’s scoop (which was huge!) is $5. 

Grade: A

Quote: “This ice cream is a 10!” - Charlee

Ritas_IMG_4033 (1)Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard

Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard is a small shop at the corner of Seco Cyn and Bouquet. The staff is charming and super helpful. 

Pros: There is a nice variety of choices with fun combos like the popular ice and soft serve. 

Cons: It is difficult to get in on that corner. The traffic can be extremely tight on weekday evenings, and accessing the area can be difficult if you’re looking for a quick sugar fix. 

Good fit: There are many interesting blends, especially fruit flavors. 

Bad fit: Italian ice may not be a good fit for the traditional ice cream lover. 

Cost: Single was $4.50, and $8 for a combo. 

Grade: B

Quote: “Chocolate ice with chocolate chips and chocolate soft serve is chocolate magic!” - Charlee

Getting the scoop

An after-dinner cone, a cup on a hot afternoon, or a giant sundae to celebrate a special occasion are all exciting ways to enjoy ice cream. 

Now that you have read this article, you know all of the ice cream options in the Santa Clarita Valley. Each one offers something special and unique. As the temperatures begin to creep up, cool down with your favorite flavor of ice cream. 

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