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How can I have a social life in Santa Clarita? (5 Ways)

December 30th, 2021 | 10 min. read

How can I have a social life in Santa Clarita? (5 Ways)

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Due to the ongoing pandemic and frequent shutdowns you may find yourself struggling to maintain your social life. In addition, you may feel that you have become more of a homebody due to the mandates or fear of being in or near a large group of people. 

Or maybe you are someone who recently moved to Santa Clarita, have lost friends due to differences of opinions, or you are just lonely and want someone that you can talk to, interact with, and connect with. 

Whatever your case may be, we are at The Paseo Club here to help you. Given the fact we are located in Santa Clarita and are knowledgeable of the things offered in the area, we feel that we are credible to speak upon this topic and help you get your social life back on track. 

Throughout this article, you will come across ways to meet new people in Santa Clarita, maintain your social life, and expand your social circle. We will do our best to provide you with many ways you can make friends, in the hopes one of these methods works out for you. 


  1. Social Media Platforms/Groups

If you are someone with a smartphone then you may want to consider brightening your social life by linking up with new individuals through social media. Just a heads up, social media can be a dangerous place so please proceed with caution and be extra alert when making a social media account and interacting with people you may not know. 

On the other hand, social media can be extremely helpful in rekindling old friendships and forming new ones. There are over hundreds of apps in the app store that you can download, specifically for making friends both local and distant. A highly recommended app is Bumble Bff

In addition to Bumble Bff, there is also an app called Meet Up. Meet Up allows you to find others with similar interests as you. This takes making friends to a whole new level. If you are still hesitant to be in large groups then maybe consider maintaining a friendship online and setting up weekly facetime calls with one another.

 Another way to stay social is by joining a local social media group. On Facebook, you can find many social media groups specifically for Santa Clarita. In these groups, you will come across individuals with whom you have crossed paths and others who you may have never seen before. What is so great about these social groups is that they can be both local and distant, in which you can be social all over the world.

If you are someone who has children, zero to little downtime or someone who isn’t quite ready to be in public then consider staying in touch and up to date on social media. From the comfort of your own home, you can communicate with friends through many media outlets, such as texting, facetime, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… We do suggest that before putting yourself out there make your account private so it prevents random people from inviting themselves into your personal life.  

  1. Meetup Groups 

Throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, you will come across many different meetup communities. “What is a meetup community?” you may ask. A meetup community is a group of people who share similar interests that meet up daily, weekly, or monthly to participate in various activities.

For instance, there is a meetup community for people who love hiking where this community meets up at local hiking trails and hike together. This is an excellent way to meet new people, form new friendships, and just enjoy the companionship of other individuals who share a similar pastime as you. 

Now you may be wondering, “How do I join a meetup community?” The following are some of the many that you can join locally, such as meetup and SCV Meetup. On these sites, you will find hundreds of groups you can join and become a part of.  

What is so great about these meetup communities is that you are guaranteed to meet new people and stay social frequently. So if you are afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, then this is probably the best option for you. 

  1. Local sports groups

Sports! Who doesn’t love sports? Whether you're watching, playing, or on the sidelines cheering on a friend, family member, or favorite team, there is something about that atmosphere and people that make it so much fun. It is visibly proven that sports have connected people universally just because so many people share the same love and passion for sports.

Throughout Santa Clarita specifically, you will find that as an adult you can join sports groups of all kinds. If you are an individual who loves soccer, softball, running, or whatever it may be, there is a sports group in SCV specifically for you. 



In Santa Clarita, we are well known for our large soccer community. So if you are an individual looking to join a soccer team then consider the Santa Clarita Soccer Center At the soccer center, there are adult leagues that are held at various times and on days weekly. 

This makes the scheduling aspect easy. Another great aspect is that you and your friends can form your team and play competitively with other teams, or you can join a team and socialize while exercising. 


There is no doubt that softball is one of the many nationwide favorite sports, especially here in Santa Clarita. You can find both baseball and softball leagues for adults. These two sports are just some of the many that allow you to get some excellent exercise, make friends, and socialize along the way. If you are looking to join a team you may want to consider looking at Adult Softball Of SCV.


What is so great about running in the Santa Clarita Valley, is that there is so much beautiful scenery along the paseos, housing tracts, hiking trails, and many SCV staples to see. With this being said you and you could run around your neighborhood and experience the beauty of what lies past your front yard. 

There are many different running groups for adults of all ages if you are interested in joining. One of the most well-known running groups is SCV Runners Club. This club allows you to be social and make new friends, by participating in a sport that's new to you or is one that you already love.

  1. Bars 

All around Santa Clarita you will come across many local hotspots such as various bars and restaurants. By going out to these local favorites you will be able to socialize as well as make new friends.

Some of the many popular bars around town are Black and Blue, Bunkerhill, Chuys, Schooners, The Local, Newhall Refinery, The Old Town Junction, The Canyon, and many more. These are some prime areas where you can socialize, let loose, and be yourself. Of these, Black and Blue, Bunkerhill, and The Canyon are places where you can also dance when they have their DJs there. 

You may be wondering what The Canyon is, it’s a place where small concerts are held, as well as weekly events such as line dancing on Thursdays and so much more. This place is filled with fun, music, good vibes, and great people.  

Downtown Newhall has become one of the hottest spots to hang out in Santa Clarita. After years of renovation, it has become a staple for great food and drinks. With great nightlife and decor, you won’t regret making this your social spot. 

So if you consider one of these places mentioned above to be geared towards you then you may want to try going to one of them to help expand your social circle. 

  1. Social Clubs 

Another great way that will enable you to stay social in Santa Clarita is by joining a social club. A well-respected and known social club in Santa Clarita is The Paseo Club. Continue to read, to find out more about the Paseo Club and what we have to offer here, and how you can form new friendships and connections. 


Fitness Center

If you want to become a member of The Paseo Club, you will get unlimited access to our beautiful fitness facility. Here at the Paseo Club, we have a wonderful three-story fitness center with over 10,000 square feet of space to exercise. 

There’s an additional outdoor space for heavy lifting, and TRX in the Tribe Room. We have weights, machines, and cardio equipment. Our variety of spaces and gear allows users to target any and every muscle group. Not to mention we have a sauna and steam room to relax in after exercising. 


Group Exercise Classes

Over 70 weekly group exercise classes are included in your membership for no additional cost. 

In our humble opinion, we feel that these are some of the most encouraging group exercise programs in the valley. We have small group classes and larger group classes, as well as indoor and outdoor class options. 


Cycle, kickboxing, cardio, and yoga are just some of our favorite class options here to mix fitness and fun. These classes are great ways to meet new people. 

For many members, they find group exercise to be a HUGE incentive. 

The Pool

Another wonderful amenity at the Paseo Club is the swimming pool. Our beautiful Junior-Olympic-sized pool is perfect for both exercise and relaxation. 

If you are looking to meet new individuals while partaking in a favorite sport of yours, we have good news because we offer Liquid Cardio six days a week, one of our most popular group exercise class options. 

The pool is also open all year long for recreational use, so you can jump in the water with your new friends or take a moment to relax on your own. Soak in the sun, or beat the heat in the shaded seating areas. 


Social Life 

Between the courts, the pool, the fitness center, and the patio, the Paseo Club is an exciting and beautiful environment to have fun with old friends and meet new ones. Although we have fun events all the time, some only come around every month or even once a year.

Every year, you’ll be invited to some of the best parties in the SCV. Halloween, the Luau, and A Night Under the Stars are just a few of our annual events. These are the kind of events you’ll be looking forward to all year long.

One of the most exciting monthly events in our Member Mixers. Every month, the Paseo Club hosts an event for all members to hang out. Eat some delicious complimentary food and play a game or two with the family. Each Member Mixer has a different theme, from baseball to fiesta!

In addition to our annual and monthly events, we have a few events that happen every week such as Wine Down Wednesday. Every Wednesday we have a live band, so come join in on the fun with a glass of wine, and make some new friends. 

Even when we’re not hosting an event, your social life can still thrive here every day. You will make lifelong friends at the Paseo Club, so it always feels like a party!

Along with new friends, you can make new memories here at the club, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

Let’s Socialize

After reading this article we hope you found some peace in knowing that you can still attain a social life and that there are ways to branch out and make new friends. With the many ways we suggested how to socialize in Santa Clarita, we hope that you found one that you think is perfect for you to try out.

If you find that the Paseo Club may be a good fit for you to socialize then consider a 7-day free trial here to test the environment and see if it’s a perfect match. We can’t wait to see you here!