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Spring Cleaning For Your Body And Mind

April 7th, 2021 | 2 min. read

Spring Cleaning For Your Body And Mind

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By Scott Fushi - Personal Fitness Trainer

Spring cleaning isn't just for your house.


It can be for your fitness and wellness routine as well. We can clean up our diets a little...with less sugars and more hydration, nutrient dense foods and protein. Our trainers can help set up a simple plan that is easy to follow and combined with a strength training program, we  can rev up both your metabolism and lean muscle mass. The one two combo for getting your body leaner, stronger and more agile. 

Spring is also time for new "starts", especially so this year!  Try something new ! A new group exercise class...if you only cycle, try a tribe class or total body workout. Cycling is great for legs and conditioning but it is another "hour of sitting"  ...see "sitting is the new smoking"!  Hips can get tight, abdominals tend to not be engaged and posture can be compromised. Listen to your instructor's cues to stay in good , braced position and consider opening up your routine to other fitness challenges.

We all know that variety is the spice, in everything! We need to diversify our fitness portfolio for a better return on sweat equity investment. Most people focus on fitness with what they feel most comfortable with. This helps when getting started but can lead to plateaus and may set you up for no progress or results.  Our staff can help you get comfortable with "getting uncomfortable". Embrace trying to improve your mobility and flexibility in a yoga class. Improve your athleticism with a tribe class. Seniors can not only build their balance through strength training but you also build muscle that cushions your bones and joints if you do happen to fall.

Spring into action now, tennis and pickleball are great activities that are easy to start with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Your game gets better when your fitness gets better as well, so  even the veteran players need to "turn left" at the gate once in a while. If it's good for the coaches...ask KP and Darren, it's good for all players!

When your routine feels stale, you tend to be less focused and that can lead to less satisfaction and even risk of injury.  The extra challenge of trying something new keeps you focused for fitness and ensures better results as well as "neuroplasticity"...look it up. There is a great book called "Spark" that talks about how good activity and exercise are for your mental fitness as well! It's the best anxiety and antidepressant ever!


Be well and be open to change, along with challenges.