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To Gym is an Adventure

July 26th, 2021 | 3 min. read

To Gym is an Adventure

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To Gym is an awfully big Adventure… the words of Peter Pan strike a chord here at the Paseo Club, Our Neverland.  Just follow the second star to the right and keep flying until morning.  A place where you won’t want to grow up, don’t have to wear a tie, and never have to go to school.  Your private pirate island keeps you exploring, fit, connected, and committed to living your best life with one adventure after another.  


On the far end of the Paseo Island are the misfits.  Known for being loud and rowdy but playing a mean game of pickleball.  This is the fastest-growing sport in the world and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out on a fun time.  The club recently renovated the pickleball area to bring you 11 courts of play, a covered grassy knoll to rest during games, and fire pits to keep you cozy when the cool nights are upon us.  For more information and to get connected to your Lost boys’ Pickle crew contact Jen Azevedo at jen@thepaseoclub.com   


Adjacent to the Lost Boys’ home underground is the club's Tiki Forest of tennis courts.  We were a tennis club before anything else, and you will always have a home on our courts.   

Never played but ready to start?  Our beginner program is the place to be.  And if you are a wine enthusiast, be sure to check out the Rookies and Roses event coming this fall.  From rookies you’re on your way to leagues and socials at every level we’ll be waiting for you.   

For more information reach out to Jen Azevedo at jen@thepaseoclub.com 

The most “dangerous” spot on the island is Mermaid Lagoon at Marooners’ rock. AKA The Paseo pool.  Dangerous it may be if you run on deck, but the water is filled with creatures from morning until night.   The Lagoon is one of the busiest spots in the club.  Come try one of the most popular classes on the group exercise schedule, liquid cardio.  It is offered 6 times per week.  Reserve a lane for a solo lap swim or join the master’s program to become a phenomenal swimmer.  Enjoying the pool deck with family and friends is a great way to relax, reconnect, and recharge.  


Pirates are said to hide their booty at Skull rock and the Paseo gym is the best place to search for your lost treasure, alone or with your pirate crew.  There are so many options at Paseo to get fit and stay healthy from group fitness to team training to private training.  There is nothing to be feared here.  An incredible team of trainers can help you uncover the life and fitness goals of your dreams. Tick-Tock the crocodile is waiting… to become a part of the Paseo fitness family you can pick your pirate trainer online or connect with Cézanne Youmazzo at cezanne@thepaseoclub.com  


The Paseo run group is sure to have you flying on their next adventure.  Melanie and Jodi will sprinkle you with pixie dust and away you’ll go.  All you need is your happy thought and a good pair of shoes.  Run group has traveled the globe from Boston to New York, from Santa Rosa to San Diego assisting runners and taking part in some amazing run adventures.  Join them Saturday mornings at 7:00 am to get started.  All it takes is the first run and you will be “hooked.”  The fall run schedule is quickly filling up and they’re headed to Huntington Beach, Chicago, and Scottsdale, Arizona.  Pick a distance, pick a race and we can get you ready.  Contact The Flock and let’s fly.  melanie@thepaseoclub.com  or jodi@thepaseoclub.com


It’s time to set sail.  Adventure awaits in Neverland.  There are no limits to what you can do at the Paseo Club.  Join the hunt for your crew whether it’s the Lost Boys, a Pirate Gang, or even a Mermaid.  Begin living your best life… happy, healthy, and connected.