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Travel And Eating

June 24th, 2021 | 2 min. read

Travel And Eating

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By Trish Deboni – Personal Trainer

It’s time to travel! The time has come.

People are finally going out of town. What does that mean for our eating habits? Well, I will tell you it doesn’t have to be a big deal. It has gotten easier to stay on track with your good eating while on the road. The most important aspect to a great way of life is consistency. So staying consistent can seem a little scary when you are out of your routine and away from home. If you stick to basic guidelines, you can travel, enjoy, and not stress about it at all.

First of all, remember that you cannot mess up a good, consistent diet in one day or even one week. If you decide to ‘splurge’ a little while away, it’s absolutely ok. Don’t obsess about what you are eating when you are supposed to be away from schedule and stress. What you eat should be an integral part of your life on a daily basis. But it shouldn’t be something you fixate on or punish yourself for. I’ve said it before, you should eat foods you enjoy and foods that make you feel great. If you take note of what you eat and how those foods make you feel, you will learn what your body needs. Let it become a habit to eat these great foods on a regular basis. When you are travelling, you may not have access to all these foods, and that’s ok.

Second, portion size is something you can make a habit of and it will become so instinctive and easy. As a general rule, you can use your own hand for measurement. Your protein should be about as big as your palm, your vegetables and carb should be about as big as your fist, and your healthy fat should be about as big as your thumb. Easy, right? You can casually keep track of that at every meal.


Lastly, what to eat!? Balance, balance, balance. At the airport, on the road, eating out………Balance! Try to find a protein, veggie, and healthy carb at every meal and snack if you can. How about a chicken breast, salad, apple? Beef jerky, Greek yogurt, orange? Cheese stick, trail mix, chocolate milk? Fast food or pre packaged airport meals……pick the healthiest salad or sandwich, with protein and skip the fries. Most fast food restaurants and airport kiosks have fruit too! And drink lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated will make such a huge difference in how you feel while you are travelling! Consider bringing along individual protein powder packs and electrolytes as well. In a pinch, at least you will have them.


So, stay on track MOST of the time. Eat the fries or desert if it’s something you absolutely love. Enjoy it if you do it. Don’t obsess. Plan ahead if you can, and if you can’t, MOVE ON. Enjoy your time off and away. Relax. Do things you enjoy with people you love hanging out with. And we’ll see you back at the club when you’re back.