Your TRIBE is ready for you.

Functionally Fit, Extreme HIIT, and Core Strength are three different communities of workout friends to hold you accountable to 6 weeks of work.

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When you commit to your Paseo TRIBE, you commit to a team for six weeks of fun.

High Impact and High Intensity? Extreme HIIT is for you. Low Impact Functional Exercise? Functionally Fit spells it out. Back, booty, belly and shoulder strength? Core Strength is your calling. Each season begins and ends with an assessment, and each 6-week season offers a new focus to help you continue your journey long after the first season ends. 

Can't join us for all 6 weeks? We'll prorate any missed sessions so don't hesitate to jump right on in to the Paseo Tribe Life! Or if you're looking for a more one on one affair, contact our fitness director Cezanne Youmazzo for more information about our free trials! 



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You’ll enjoy fresh workouts every time when you work out with your Paseo TRIBE team.

Do you like to be pushed out of your comfort zone?  Smaller group trainings that helps keep you safe while making you strong? A fun way to hold your team accountable to each other? You’ll find it all in your TRIBE at Paseo Club.

Paseo TRIBE Extreme HIIT

High impact, High intensity training for 6 weeks.  Push to your limits!

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Paseo TRIBE Functionally Fit

Low Impact Functional Exercise does NOT mean easy! See how tough you can be!

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Paseo TRIBE Core Strength

Strength and stability for your back, belly, booty and shoulders. This is what you need to battle everyday challenges.

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FREE Trial Weeks

Each new season gives you an opportunity to try the classes and see where you belong!

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Meet Your Paseo TRIBE Trainers

Trish DeBoni

Personal Trainer

Jason Youmazzo


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Get started with your team.

Think of what we can accomplish together.

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Build from within your team when you join TRIBE. You’ll be compelled to come when you know your team is expecting you.

How do your friends feel about the gym?

"TRIBE Fit at The Paseo Club is just that: a TRIBE, a family united by fitness. Tribe has given me the confidence to try other things that the club offers; cycle, reformer, cardio strength, pickleball and so much more, "

Doreen Rosenfeld | Paseo TRIBE Extreme HIIT Member

See your Paseo TRIBE Trainers in action.

Your trainers have done it, and are here to help you get the most from your Paseo TRIBE season. Incredible fitness results have been achieved with Paseo TRIBE and we know that once you try this amazing program you'll see yourself achieving incredible results as well.

Find your Paseo TRIBE team today and prepare for the season ahead.

You know you want to.  Be part of a Paseo TRIBE and see what fitness accountability looks like.