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8 top benefits for junior tennis programs

July 1st, 2022 | 5 min. read

8 top benefits for junior tennis programs

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8 top benefits for junior tennis programs

As a parent you want your child to be fit, healthy, and happy. Many parents look to sports as a way to support their children in meeting these goals. But what sport do you choose?

It can be hard to know which sport will be best for your child. There are many factors that will dictate which you select for them — whether it is swimming, softball, basketball, soccer, or tennis. 

Some things to consider is your child’s interest in court games, proximity to facilities for practice or training, and if a friend or sibling can join them. 

Paseo Club has been teaching tennis since 2003 and offering junior tennis programs for 16 years. We know A LOT about tennis. That is why we wrote this article for you.

Although each sport has its own pros and cons, this article will discuss the 8 benefits of placing your child in a youth tennis program.

The 8 Benefits of Junior Tennis


Playing tennis positively affects children’s physical, emotional, social, and mental health and well-being. In this section below we will cover these assets. 

  1. Body Movement and Balance

Tennis demands a wide range of body motions that translate well to any sport. If your child plays a secondary sport, they will likely notice an improvement in their skills just from training in tennis. Tennis utilizes physical and mental awareness to enhance coordination and balance allowing your child to stabilize one body part while another body part is moving. It promotes explosiveness and fast-twitch acceleration.

  1. Bone Strength and Physical Development

Playing tennis builds and strengthens the bones in young children; it is even linked to the prevention of osteoporosis down the road since it is a weight-bearing sport. The natural expansion and extension of bones and muscles during play also help elongate the body, as opposed to some high contact or compression-related sports that hinder this process.

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination

There's an old adage "timing is everything." This phrase couldn't be more relevant in tennis. Children who play tennis develop hand-eye coordination at an accelerated rate due to constantly tracking a moving ball and the point of contact. This result in better reaction times, enhanced agility, and athleticism.

  1. Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits

The sport of tennis is all about movement. Starting, stopping, pivoting, and running are the foundation of the sport, contributing to superior overall health. 

It's not uncommon for a child to log a mile or more by the time they've finished a one-hour training session. Considering the back-and-forth movement involved, that's a lot of running on a 78' x 36' court!

  1. Social Aspect

Tennis is a sport with an inherent social aspect, which for youngsters translates to having fun. Whether establishing a connection with a coach in private lessons or enjoying the vibe and camaraderie of a group clinic, tennis promotes interaction and sportsmanship through healthy competition.

  1. Fine and gross motor skills

Children who play tennis also develop better gross and fine motor skills through the use of touch shots like angled volleys, drop shots, and lobs. This translates into greater overall athleticism and coordination but also improved musical, writing, and artistic capacity. 


  1. Heart health

Playing tennis improves cardiac health. Regular practice lowers body weight, blood pressure, and the risk for cardiovascular disease. Plus, it gets your child into the habit of exercising which will keep their heart healthy as they grow.


  1. Do well in school

There are links to children who play tennis having better academic performance in school. This is a great benefit to children of all ages and at all levels of education.



Because of these advantages, youth tennis programs have exploded in popularity in the US and beyond. This lends credibility to the sport, showing the value of youth tennis worldwide.


How do I get my child involved in junior tennis?


In this article, we reviewed the 8 physical, emotional, social, and mental health benefits of junior tennis programs. Now you have information about why tennis can be advantageous for so many children, from preschool age through their teens. In fact, tennis has been labeled "the sport of a lifetime."


One of the best ways to see if tennis is a good fit for your child is to sign them up for tennis lessons or summer camp. You can find these resources at your local parks and rec or private fitness and tennis clubs.

For those of you in the Santa Clarita Valley, the Paseo Club is a great place for your child to get involved in tennis. We offer both kids tennis summer camps and a year-round junior tennis program.

Paseo hosts a fully-certified coaching staff, along with the new USTA "Net Gen" style of play. Children of all ages are introduced to the game with balls, rackets, and even court sizes adapted to their age, size, and ability. It's never too early to start — clinics and programs are offered to youngsters starting at the age of three.  

If you are an adult and are interested in adult lessons or tennis events there are options for you too. If you are already a seasoned player and are interested in strengthening your mental game, this article will add to your toolbox.