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The Benefits of Junior Tennis

December 11th, 2019 | 2 min. read

The Benefits of Junior Tennis

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Tennis has been labeled "the sport of a lifetime" for good reason. In addition to the fact it's a one-on-one battle of body and mind, it's also a game that forces its players to become their own coach and teammate. Devising a strategy that suits your own strengths while adapting to those of your opponent is a physical chess match unlike any other. Tack on the zero contact/collision aspect along with the cardiovascular benefits, and it doesn't take long to grasp the notion that tennis is the ideal junior sport.

The reasons to start your child in tennis are vast-- but a few highlights include:

-- Body Movement and Balance: Tennis showcases a wide range of body motions that translate to any sport. It utilizes physical and mental connections in relation to a moving object, creating space beyond your own reach, while promoting explosion with fast-twitch acceleration.

-- Bone Strength and Physical Development: Playing tennis builds and strengthens the bones in young children; it has even been linked to the prevention of osteoporosis down the road. The natural expansion and extension of bones and muscles during play also help elongate the body, as opposed to some high contact or compression-related sports that demote this process.

-- Hand-Eye Coordination: There's an old adage "timing is everything." This phrase couldn't be more relevant in tennis. Children who play tennis develop hand-eye coordination at an accelerated rate, constantly tracking a moving ball and point of contact.

-- Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits: The sport of tennis is all about movement. Starting, stopping, pivoting and running are the foundation of the sport, as well as superior health. It's not uncommon for a child to log a mile or more by the time they've finished a one hour session. Considering the back-and-forth movement involved, that's a lot of running on a 78' x 36' court.

Social Component: Tennis is a sport with an inherent social aspect, which for youngsters translates to fun. Whether establishing a connection with a coach in private lessons-- or enjoying the vibe and camaraderie of a group clinic, tennis promotes interaction and sportsmanship through healthy competition.

How old does your little one have to be? It's never too early to start, with clinics and programs trotting out youngsters at the age of three. Every child and family dynamic is different-- but once a child can follow verbal cues and develops a sense of body awareness, it's a green light to shop for that first racquet.

The Paseo Club is the ideal place for your child to begin their tennis journey. With a fully-certified coaching staff, along with the new USTA  "Net Gen" style of play, children are introduced to the game with balls, rackets and even court sizes adapted to their stature.

The sport of a lifetime is waiting. Why wait any longer?