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Do You Have A Moody Child?

November 20th, 2020 | 2 min. read

Do You Have A Moody Child?

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By Miss Maria - Kids Club Associate

Is your child moody, tired, and irritable?


Even children can benefit from a little breather and self-care. Having a routine and schedule is essential for children to feel secure and for parents to feel balanced and productive. A balanced schedule promotes positive results, but what happens when the calendar and schedule become overwhelmingly busy? Pay attention to your feelings and emotions as well as your child's. If you see a big change in your child's behavioral patterns it may be time to assess daily activities and check if your child has scheduled downtime. Keeping busy is great but time to recharge and rest is equally important for you as well as your child. 

Here are some ideas for children to promote quiet time and self-care routines that can benefit the entire family. Quiet time can be reading a book together. Reading develops language skills and promotes bonding between you and your child. Trips to the library are still possible with easy pick-up and drop off. Local libraries are also offering to go craft kits to do at home. A fun bubble bath with toys is another great idea to relieve some stress your child may have. Use this time to have a conversation and have your child enjoy some essential oils or creative bath bombs to change the color of the water. 

Another great idea is to take meals outdoors. Enjoy a nice picnic in the park or even your backyard.  Being inside four walls for the majority of the day can be tiresome and going outdoors can be refreshing. Cooking can be therapeutic but there is nothing wrong with some yummy finger sandwiches and goldfish to brighten a child's day. Nightly walks as a family are also a great way to distress. Enjoy the fresh air and sunset. Walking helps blood circulate and improve your overall mood. This will greatly impact your family and child in a positive way as exercise is a great way to destress and release extra built-up energy.  As a family, you can also reintroduce nap time and quiet time with no electronics. For example, coloring books and relaxing music in the room can promote a calming sensation.

Communication is always key. Ask your child about their favorite things and activities. As a family, you can prioritize and make time for the most important things.



Trim the fat off a busy schedule and try and replace twenty minutes a day with scheduled quiet time.