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Earth Day And Teaching Kids About Environmental Responsibility

April 21st, 2021 | 2 min. read

Earth Day And Teaching Kids About Environmental Responsibility

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By Lakeeta Gardner - Kids Club Director

Did you know that Earth Day was originally slated for March 21st to celebrate the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere?


Even though Earth Day was founded only 51 years ago in 1970, this special day continues to gain worldwide popularity by promoting clean, sustainable, and healthy living.  Celebrating Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and the importance of protecting it.  A great way to teach children how to embrace this philosophy is by participating in earth-friendly activities. Here is a simple list of things that kids can do to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. 

  1. Build a fairy garden.
  2. Get creative and crafty with your kids and make something fun! Don't forget the chalk.
  3. Plant your favorite fruits and vegetables in your backyard or pots in your kitchen windows.
  4. If you have the space, plant a tree!
  5. Go hiking, biking, or walking that gets kids outdoors and off electronics.
  6. Take part in an adventurous scavenger hunt!
  7. Pack a picnic for the family.
  8. Invite grandparents and other mature folks to share with your kids how life used to be before technology was so prevalent in everyday life.  Please be sure to socially distance.  
  9. Seek out organizations to volunteer for that help clean and protect our environment.
  10. Teach kids about recyclable items and set up a family plan that works.
  11. Repurpose items in your home to extend the life of items that otherwise would end up in the garbage.
  12. Donate gently used items to local thrift shops, or other organizations that support good causes.
  13. While collecting seashells at the beach, make a game out tossing trash in nearby bins.  
  14. Collect fallen pine cones and create peanut butter bird feeders.  Please explore other options online if you are allergic to nuts!
  15. Encourage kids to conserve water and energy.  Setting a timer while brushing your teeth can turn into a fun game.  Turning lights off in unoccupied rooms is a great energy saver.
  16. Make a family energy cut challenge.  How long can you "unplug" for a day?  This means activities that do not require batteries.  Playing board games, relying on daylight to illuminate your activities, and your feet or bike for transportation.   How many of you can prepare food from scratch?  
  17. Hold a swap or yard sale.  It's great to free your space of unused items and possibly make a little cash in a sale.  Hosting a clothes-swapping party can be fun if you happen to wear the same size.
  18. Did you know that bird watching is free?  Check out your local library for books on the subject. Never let an educational moment pass you by.
  19. Attend an Earth Day Event.  You can pick up some new tips and have a blast!
  20. Take a moment to sit still outdoors and be thankful for all that you have, whether it's for your healthy family or the ability to touch your toes.  


This list is just the beginning.  It's up to you to create your own Earth Day family traditions.  Hurry up!  This special day is right around the corner.