Cezanne Youmazzo

As a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Pilates Reformer Instructor, Tribe Coach and Group Fitness Instructor, Cézanne brings with her an extensive resume and list of accomplishments and professional certifications.

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By: Cezanne Youmazzo
April 27th, 2022

Group Exercise and TRIBE Team Training When you are exploring a new fitness program, you'll have questions about what type of exercise groups are the best fit for your needs.  When you join a social club, you may have the option to try out Group Exercise classes, often offered as a member perk at no charge.  You may also have the opportunity to try small group training like TRIBE.  But which is the right fit for you?  Read on to see the differences in the class types, both offered at Paseo Club.

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By: Cezanne Youmazzo
December 13th, 2021

It is apparent that not all protein powders are created to be the exact same. With this being said that means you will come across some protein powders that are made to be better than others. There are easily over hundreds of different protein powders on the market, and because of this it may make your decision in buying one harder because of the overwhelming amount of options. 

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By: Cezanne Youmazzo
September 4th, 2021

Join Greatest Results! The next program starts Monday, August 30th. Contact trish@thepaseoclub.com or cezanne@thepaseoclub.com to learn more!

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By: Cezanne Youmazzo
July 11th, 2021

What’s up everybody?! My name is Cayden Dunn and I’m a personal trainer at The Paseo Club.  I recently just got back from school up in Louisiana but now I’m back for good! Nothing excites me more than being back in the gym I grew up in and doing the thing that I love.  I’m a 22 year old athlete whose whole life revolves around fitness and athletics and because of the way I was able to grow up, I’m a Division 1 athlete while pursuing a career in personal training. 

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By: Cezanne Youmazzo
June 14th, 2021

Mind-body, Core Strength, & Core Stability. You’ve heard those terms before but what are they? Well, they are much more than the latest fitness buzzwords – they are keys to a healthier lifestyle through mindful movement and Pilates.