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Do You Avoid Exercising In The Cold Weather?

November 11th, 2020 | 2 min. read

Do You Avoid Exercising In The Cold Weather?

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By Melanie Vovk - Fitness Instructor

In the state of California right now we don’t have many indoor workout options. 


Most workouts are going to have to be done outside and some people are not used to working out in the cold weather.  Here are some tips to help you navigate through your workouts during the colder months.

Just getting yourself out the door is half the battle.  When it’s cold we all just want to pull the covers over our head.  The hardest part is just getting to the gym.  Once you get there and start moving, you will warm up and be fine.

Dress in layers.  Moisture wicking clothing is the best.  If you wear cotton, it will retain the moisture and you will get even colder.  Dressing in layers will trap air which is a good insulator.  Wear layers that will keep you dry, keep you warm, protect you from wet and windy conditions and protect your head, hands and feet.

Make sure you hydrate.  Dehydration during cold weather exercise carries the same risk as it would when exercising in the heat, but a person will not feel as thirsty. The cold diminishes thirst by up to 40 percent.  A good rule of thumb is for every hour of physical activity — in the cold or in the heat — the body needs 16 ounces of water.

Make sure you eat and drink enough before a cold weather workout.   Proper nutrition helps regulate your core temperature, keeps your body warm and provides enough fuel for your working muscles. In warm weather, it's easy to sweat to regulate your temperature and remove excess heat, but in cold weather, you need to generate more heat to stay warm.  Ideal foods are complex carbohydrates consumed 2 hours prior to exercise. Soups, chili, bread, bagels, pasta with tomato sauce, baked potatoes, cereals, peanut butter, lean meat, and low-fat cheese are good choices.

Bottom line, do not let the weather keep you from your workout.  Keep consistent with your workout schedule.  Most people put on between 7-10 lbs., from Halloween to New Years. 


Keeping your workout schedule in tact will help keep those pounds off!