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Is Walking a waste of time?

December 16th, 2020 | 2 min. read

Is Walking a waste of time?

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By Melanie Vovk - Fitness Instructor

Some of you think that if you can’t run, why bother?


Walking is the most underrated form of exercise. Science shows that placing one foot in front of the other leads to some seriously impressive mental and physical benefits.

Walking may not be a better workout, it may be a better exercise choice for some people.  Walking is a really good form of exercise and can help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.  There are many physical benefits of walking.

Walking improves fitness, cardiac health, alleviates depression and fatigue, improves mood, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain, can prevent weight gain, reduce risk for cancer and chronic disease, improve endurance, circulation, and posture, and the list goes on…”

While there are many physical benefits of walking, the mental benefits may be more immediate.  Studies have shown walking increases your creative output, increases joviality, vigor, attentiveness, self-confidence.  Walking helps improve memory and prevents the deterioration of brain tissue.  It also is known to reduce anxiety and depression and boost your mood.

Walking can also be a better option for those with injuries or pain.  Adding incline is a great way to increase the challenge for your cardiovascular system and get the same kind of benefits that you can get from jogging or running without the same amount of wear and tear on your knees.


The Paseo Club offers 3 walking classes per week.  Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 am.  We would love to see you!