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Top 5 reasons to use the Paseo Club calendar

July 16th, 2022 | 4 min. read

Top 5 reasons to use the Paseo Club calendar

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Top 5 reasons to use the Paseo Club calendar


If you are like most people these days, your schedule is crazy. There is your schedule, your spouse’s schedule, the kids’ schedule — why even the dog has a schedule! It is a lot to juggle.


At Paseo Club, we’ve been helping people with their fitness training for 19 years and we know how important it is to make time for your workouts — even when you have a busy schedule.


That is why we invented the Paseo Club calendar. We designed the calendar to aid you in organizing your weeks so you can create time to attend to your health and well-being.


This calendar gives you tools to learn about what fitness classes are available and how to sign up for the ones you want. But that is not all! Learn about:


  • Social happenings
  • Kids’ programs
  • Clinics
  • Charity events


The biggest benefit of the calendar is that you have one easy-to-find spot to discover all the things happening at the Paseo Club.


In this article, we are going to talk about how the calendar can work for you to arrange your schedule. But, because we also believe in being honest, we will tell you about a couple of drawbacks to the calendar as well.


Top 5 reasons to use the Paseo Club calendar


1. Schedule your classes

According to the smart folks at Harvard, the more you schedule a time to be active, the more likely it will happen. In the Paseo Club calendar, you can look ahead at the week (or many weeks) and sign up for your favorite exercise classes, booking your spot.


2. Make time to socialize

Paseo Club has several social activities throughout the month. The calendar is a great way to look at an overview of the events and select ones that you’d like to attend. Check out Wine Down Wednesday or Dive-In Movie Night, to name a few.


3. Go on a date

If you are like most parents, much of your quality time with your spouse is at 10:45 pm, right after the dishes get done and right before you start snoring.


When you juggle work, kids, and household responsibilities, it is almost impossible to make time to spend together.


The Paseo Club calendar helps you keep up with Kids Night Out hosted by the Kids Club staff. It’s a special night for kids at the club so the adults can have a special night together.


4. Attend sports events

Whether it is specialty clinics, tournaments, or a pickleball round-robin, you can stay up-to-date with these events by using the calendar feature.


5. Bonus features

The club calendar has bonus features that make the user interface easy and accessible for most people.


  • Filters: The efficient filter system allows you to customize your search to view the calendar for the events or classes that interest you.
  • Access: The calendar is linked on the homepage of the Paseo Club website. This means it can be used by members and non-members alike.
  • Billing: When you sign up for a class with a fee, you can pay for it via the calendar.



Drawbacks to the Paseo Club calendar


The calendar is pretty new and is still being developed by our team. This means, as you may have guessed, we are still fine-tuning its functions.


One drawback is the terminology used for club events. The title heading “facility” houses all Paseo Club events. It can be difficult to explain this to new visitors.


Another drawback is that the events get referenced by the activity. For example, a tennis round robin, a social event for our members, is listed on the tennis filter.


Next steps to using the Paseo Club calendar 


Now you have a solid overview of what the Paseo Club calendar is and how it can be used to meet your and your family’s needs.


We hope that by trying out the calendar feature, you will be able to carve out a little more “me” time, creating the perfect antidote to life’s busy demands.


At the Paseo Club, we believe in taking care of ourselves (and each other) through fitness, education, and community connections. We offer a range of exercise classes, court games, and pool activities in the Santa Clarita Valley.


Are you not sure how community plays a role in health and longevity? Check out this article that discusses how social clubs create “blue zones.


Are you still not a member, but your curiosity is piqued? We offer tours daily. Get your questions answered and see the facilities once and for all.