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What is a Health Club? (Features and How it’s Different From a Gym)

August 27th, 2021 | 6 min. read

What is a Health Club? (Features and How it’s Different From a Gym)

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Improving your fitness is essential to maintaining your physical health, but finding where to start can feel daunting. With all the fitness fads and gym crazes, it gets overwhelming quickly.

At the Paseo Club, we understand these scary feelings. As a social health club, we want our members to feel excited about exercise, so we provide all the help we can. Now, we hope to provide that help to you, too. 

We want you to find a workout environment that’s best for you, and health clubs might not be a great fit for everyone. So, we promise to be objective and transparent about what health clubs are really like.

In this article, we want to answer some questions you might have to determine if joining a health club is the right choice for you. Below, we’re going to dive into what exactly a health club is, what makes it different from a gym, and some common features that many health clubs have.

What is a health club?

So, let’s start with the basics: what is a health club? 

A health club is an all-encompassing center dedicated to bettering your full-body health and fitness. We focus on fitness in all forms, from cardio to strength to agility. 

We understand that healthy living is a lifestyle, not a trend. So, we focus on improving your all-around wellness as opposed to solely physical strength and endurance. 

What makes a health club different from a gym?

A health club is so much more than a gym. Sure, we have a gym, but it’s more than just a place to pump some iron. Health clubs have classes, sports, programs, and tons of other amenities to totally customize your fitness experience. 

Enjoyable Fitness Culture

Besides the amenities, one of the biggest differences between a health club and gym is the culture. Gym culture can be toxic, and many people have a negative experience at the gym. Going for a workout often means facing insecurity, comparison, and embarrassment. 

Health clubs want to combat that. The culture of a health club is devoted to making fitness an enjoyable experience, where your only competitor is yourself. Everyone has different fitness experience levels, goals, and preferences. 

This is why we have so many ways to exercise, from pickleball to Pilates. You have the opportunity to work out in a way that feels best for you. 

“The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.” -Tony Robbins

If all that fitness freedom freaks you out, we can still guide you. Health clubs have personal training, group exercise classes, and intensive programs to give you that extra push you might need. No matter where you stand in your fitness journey, you have an array of options and a supportive community to help you keep growing.


In addition to cultivating a positive fitness culture, health clubs also have a culture of community. At the gym, most people pop their headphones in at the moment they arrive and keep them in until the time they leave. 

At health clubs, however, fitness becomes a social experience. Connections are grown at health clubs where casual conversations in Zumba classes and tennis matches lead to lifelong friendships. 

Even after you exercise, the camaraderie continues. Whether you’re hanging at one of your club’s weekly events or just lounging by the pool, the club is a fun and exciting environment to cherish these relationships. 

What features does a health club have?

Any health club you choose is going to give you a unique fitness experience. However, there are some features that many health clubs have in common. When you’re making your decision, you should look into any other additional features and services each club offers.



One of the most favored features of many health clubs is tennis. Tennis is a fun sport for any age or experience level, and it’s a fantastic way to burn calories and improve your agility. Most health clubs offer lessons to anyone who wants to play, even if you’ve never held a racket. We have group classes and private lessons for a more one-on-one experience. 

Another court sport that’s rising in health clubs nationwide is pickleball. While it’s not being offered at every health club yet, its fast growth means it might be coming to a health club near you soon. 

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are another amazing feature that many health clubs offer. These classes are an awesome option if you enjoy working out with a group in a fun, high energy environment. 

Health clubs have a variety of different exercise classes for members to take everyday. Zumba and Barre classes give a great full-body workout that’s fun with friends. Want something extra intense? Try a cycle, kickboxing, or cardio class. Looking for something a little more zen? Stretch and yoga classes are a great bet for you.

Fitness Programs

Another benefit of joining a health club is the variety of intensive fitness programs that are offered. These programs usually run anywhere from a few weeks to several months long, and they are intended to improve your overall health and fitness through weight loss, muscle building, agility training, nutrition, or a combination of any of these components. 

While any health club is going to have different fitness programs for their members, we can only speak on what we know. The Paseo Club offers a few different fitness programs to improve your fitness lifestyle. 

First, we offer TRIBE, an exciting six-week program that focuses on exercises that match your needs. TRIBE FIT is great for high impact and high intensity, whereas TRIBE LIFE is better for low impact functional exercise. TRIBE CORE focuses on back, booty, belly, and shoulder strength. 

We also offer Greatest Results, which is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a program to improve your workouts and nutrition. This six-week program provides a realistic, sustainable, and successful plan for a healthy way to lose weight.


Another wonderful amenity that many health clubs have is a swimming pool, which is perfect for both exercise or relaxation. You can reserve a lane for lap swimming, or take swim classes if you’re looking to perfect your technique. 

Some clubs even offer water aerobics or liquid cardio for a great workout that’s easy on the joints. The pool is also open for recreational use, so you can jump in the water with friends and family or take a moment to relax on your own. 

Fitness Center

Lastly, a gym or fitness center is often included in your health club membership. This is a great amenity to have in addition to all your other forms of exercise. 

These spaces have a variety of equipment that allows users to target any and every muscle group. You may be able to find personal training at your club if you want a more individualized exercise plan.

After a workout, some health clubs have a space for you to relax. You can head down to your club’s spa and enjoy a massage, facial, or trip to the sauna.

Where can I learn more about joining a health club?

Joining a health club is a great step toward leading a healthier, happier life. It’s good to understand the value and benefits of the club you’re considering before you join, so we hope this article was helpful in guiding you on that journey.

If you’re coming from the Santa Clarita Valley and you want to learn more about the Paseo Club, you can schedule a tour! We’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to your new home away from home. 

If you’re outside of our area, we’re sorry to miss you! We also recommend that you research health and fitness clubs in your region. When you’re making your decision, be sure to evaluate each club’s programs and features. 

Take a tour or sign up for a trial to get a good understanding of the feel and culture of each club. When you’re making your decision, it’s important to find a place where you feel comfortable and cared for.