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What To Expect On Your Tour of Paseo Club

April 13th, 2022 | 3 min. read

What To Expect On Your Tour of Paseo Club

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What to expect on your tour of the Paseo Club

If you’ve been researching a social club you’d like to join, you are on your way to finding a new outlet for your family to enjoy.  At this point, you may be interested in taking a tour of the facility to learn more about all you can expect as a member.  But, how can you better prepare yourself for a tour of Paseo Club?  Read on to see what a tour of the club entails and get ready to enjoy your personal tour when you arrive!

How can I schedule a tour? 

Tours are available with the Paseo Club membership department every day, and appointments are easy to make.  Email membership@thepaseoclub.com to get started, or click on the “Take a Tour” link on the club website, www.thepaseoclub.com.  


Once you arrive, the Front Desk team will help you get settled and one of the membership team members will arrive to begin your tour.  Enjoy your time and ask questions to feel comfortable as you get to know each other and see how membership at the Paseo Club will fit into your daily schedule. 

How long will the tour be?

A tour is your perfect opportunity to see every inch of the Paseo Club’s 8-acre facility and ask any question that springs to mind.  The membership team is ready to help you feel completely comfortable on-site, and a tour can take 30 - 40 minutes to see everything Paseo Club has to offer your whole family.  Wear comfortable shoes, so you can take in the sights along the courts walkway as well as through the fitness facilities.


What will I see on my tour? 

If you are interested in a Courts membership, you will have time to see both the tennis courts as well as the Pickleball Porch, where the members may very likely be playing some drop-in games or league matches.  You’ll be able to start gauging your competition, or check out the Starter Programs, where you can learn all the foundational aspects of both sports!  

As you walk by the Pavilions, you may see one of the Paseo Club’s many Group Exercise classes taking place, and find your new favorite escape of the week.  


From the Clubhouse patio bar to the pool, and the cafe, see what the menus offer each season, and learn about the different social events that the members are invited to each week, including things like Wine Down Wednesdays and member mixers.  


As you head into the gym, you’ll be able to ask questions and learn about all the potential ways to spend your free time, including cardio, weights, as well as the Executive Locker Room and spa downstairs.  You could even schedule your first facial as you walk downstairs! 


If you have kids, you will have a chance to look at Kids Club, where children from three months until age 11 are given space to play and be creative both indoors and outside on play structures with supervision from the Kids Club staff.  Don’t forget to check the schedule for upcoming Play Dates and Date Nights to help maximize your social time on site.  

Can I join the club right away? 

As your tour ends, you’ll have the opportunity to begin your membership immediately and start your first day!  Bring your racket and paddle with you, and finish your first day at Paseo Club with a few sets on the courts!  


If you’re not ready right away, that’s okay too. The Paseo Club membership team will be ready to help you as you make decisions on the best fit for you and your family.  


Once I join, can I bring a friend with me to experience the Paseo Club? 

The team can’t wait to meet your friends and neighbors.  Once you’ve become a member, the membership team is happy to provide guest passes to use for friends and family to come to see your new social club.  As a referral, the team also offers incentives to thank you for bringing even more connections to Paseo Club.