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What's The Best Gym Plan?

October 26th, 2020 | 2 min. read

What's The Best Gym Plan?

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By Jen Azevedo - Sports Director

With the “new normal” ahead, what is the best gym plan for me?


While California was closed in March and April, many people were forced into changing their ideas of what their workout time would be comprised of.  At Paseo, we quickly jumped into action, providing daily “live” workouts to connect with our members even while we were apart.  It was a great way to maintain connections with our family and friends, and connect online while we needed to remain at home.

As the last six months have elapsed, many people have begun to look for options to allow them to keep their workouts strong even if they can’t come to the gym.  Peloton, anyone?  The first big name to jump on the solo wagon, Peloton will set you back about $2300 to deliver a bike to your home and give you access to their extensive network of workout programming.  Other newer options now include the $5000 Peloton treadmill or the Mirror, which allows for a giant mirror to talk to you and train with you and will cost about $1500 plus a monthly streaming fee.

If you have the cash, are comfortable being alone and don’t mind having no one to help keep you accountable, these options are great.  Bad hair day?  Doesn’t matter.  Always late?  Suddenly irrelevant.  But will you continue to keep your motivation on your own?  That’s the big question.  The worst thing is when you start with best laid intentions, and that treadmill turns into a coat rack.

Countless studies will tell you that humans crave interaction. We are social animals, and the opportunity to see your friends at the gym is an undeniable pull. We are also inspired by other humans.  You can say the trainers online provide that inspiration, but when your friend is ten feet away and you’re both struggling to hold your plank, your inner competitor and cheerleader are both activated together.  I’ve never seen anyone cheer for the lady on the TV screen who is instructing me to work harder.

Ultimately, your own inner style determines what is best for your workouts.  I like to push in different ways, so having the option to play singles Monday, take cardio/core EXTREME Tuesday, run and then enjoy my friends teaching Liquid Cardio and yoga Wednesday is what makes me tick.  And knowing this would be an option if I was a new transplant to Santa Clarita makes it awfully tempting as a newcomer looking to make friends.


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