TRIBE Team Training is the small group-training program that strives to encourage people to achieve more than they ever thought possible. It delivers the opportunity for us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; it delivers the promise that ‘together we will achieve more’. With Tribe Training, there is something for everyone; no two workouts are ever the same and they are progressive. This means that members will start with the basics in week one, continuously learn new exercises until the final two weeks of each season where no more new exercises will be introduced but the challenge of the workouts will be at their peak.


TribeFIT™ is a high intensity functional fitness workout designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger – all designed to bring you to new levels of training. The workout is to be completed in a specific amount of time. Each week builds on the previous so you achieve amazing results that last.


TribeLIFE™ is a moderate intensity, low impact functional fitness workout that gets you fit for life. The workout combines aerobic movements, strength exercises, conditioning and flexibility – all of which are gentle on the joints. Additional benefits are decreased body fat, increased energy, improved cardiovascular fitness and increased strength.


TribeCORE™ is designed to train the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles, leaving you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs. TribeCORE™ is the foundation of all training pathways incorporating flexibility and stability training to ensure structural longevity and powerful pain-free movement.


Trial Week will be September 16th through the 27th! Sign up today!




Season 6 is September 23rd –  November 3rd!
We will pro-rate for vacations. Pay early and save 10%!


What are the benefits of adding tribe to my membership?

TRIBE Team Training™ is a world-class small group Personal Training Program. In other words, it’s Personal Training with a team of 6-10 others.

Each program is developed with a specific training objective and has progressions built into the programs to ensure each individual is guaranteed results.

No matter what program you choose, your TRIBE coach will focus on your individual goals (just like a Personal Trainer would) however you get the benefit of being in a small team with like-minded individuals for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training

What benefits can I expect from being part of a TRIBE for 6 weeks?

Following a specific training plan allows you to get significant results safely and not to mention FAST! Benefits range from each and every person depending on the program you choose and the goals you have.

That being said, with our regular progression checks, you and your coach will always know where you stand in your fitness journey. This will help you and your coach

I have done Bootcamps, Kettlebell classes, TRX classes and Small Group Training before. how is TRIBE different?

These types of programs are just like group exercise classes that are designed to make you sweat but don’t know your personal fitness goals. TRIBE is different.

In TRIBE we examine your goals, desires for change and build a perfect plan for you to achieve this. Your fitness goal is personal and unique.

To achieve your goal you will need guidance, support, progression and results you can see and feel to help make sure you’re on the way.

Because it is important that your coach knows you and your goals, each team will train with the same coach and the same teammates for the full season at the fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

TRIBE has developed six different programs that are delivered in six week seasons, all with specific pillars of progression and phases of development ensuring absolute results effectively and efficiently.

Every session is different, every season is different which means your body and mind will always be stimulated and leave you wanting to come back for more. Each program caters to a different training environment and training style, so regardless of your training preference you will always be in an environment that supports you and your goals 100% of the time

Can I come to different time slots during the 6 weeks?

No, when you sign up for a TRIBE Program you are committing to that specific Coach, program, a team of people, day and time slot.

In TRIBE we examine your goals, desires for change and build a perfect plan for you to achieve this. Your fitness goal is personal and unique.

To achieve your goal you will need guidance, support, a progression and results you can see and feel to help make sure you’re on the way.

Because it is important that your coach knows you and your goals, each team will train with

What happens if I have to miss a session or two?

We know children get sick, you have to leave town for business, or you’re taking a vacation, we all have life events that prevent us from living at the club.

We will be holding makeup sessions on Saturdays at 12 pm with a rotating schedule of our three programs. With your coach’s permission, you may attend any of the makeups if you miss one of your regularly scheduled sessions. When you train with TRIBE, our motto is that no one gets left behind.

How is being part of a TRIBE valuable?

It allows us to part of something bigger than ourselves; it creates a training environment that holds us accountable to our goals ensuring we will get results.

TRIBE Team Training™ sets a lifestyle as most TRIBERS continue to be part of their team season after season, year after year.

You are part of something bigger than your own personal goals; you are part of a team that has a common purpose while being consistently looked after by your certified TRIBE coach – like personal training but only a fraction of the cost!

How can I sign up for TRIBE?

You must be an active Paseo Club Member to sign up for TRIBE.

To sign up, go to the club website, then select Fitness, then TRIBE.

There is a link to sign up on the TRIBE page. Click on the link and then log in as you would to log in on our member’s area.

Select the class you wish to sign up for. Remember you will see the sign up on the first day of the class only and when you sign up, you are signing up for the 6-week program and session you have chosen.

If you sign up after the Season starts, then our office will have to sign you up.

Happy Members


Losing weight was not enough. I needed more.  I needed to feel FIT.  After 6 weeks of TribeFIT I could see and feel the difference in my body.   The strength training I receive from TribeFIT has made me feel stronger and more confident on the tennis court because my performance and stamina on the tennis court has vastly improved.  I use to suffer from pulled muscles in my legs and other parts of my body while running/playing tennis, but since I joined TribeFIT, even though I am working harder in this fitness program than I have ever worked in any workout class, I have suffered no injuries.  I believe this is due to the training and personal attention I receive from trainer and TribeFIT coach, Jennifer Azevedo. 

- Yvette Jansson

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