By Trish Deboni – Fitness Director

It’s so important to mix up your workout routine.

There are lots of reasons to mix it up. You definitely don’t want your body to get too used to the same routine. Your body won’t change when you’re doing the exact same thing in the exact same order all the time. Your muscles and metabolism need the unexpected to respond the way you want and need them to. Mixing up your routine also reduces your risk of overuse injuries and gives you the chance to build new muscles. You also don’t want to get too bored of the same routine. When you get bored, you’re less likely to make the commitment to get your regular exercise. Boredom is your enemy.

But you’re in luck! The Paseo Club has so much to offer you.

We have over 100 group exercise classes that are included in your membership. We have cycle, cardio, fusion, strength, treadmill, Bodypump, aqua, Mat Pilates, walking/running classes, yoga, Melt, and meditation. If you are a Platinum member, you can also take Pilates Reformer, kickboxing, and strength classes. We also offer TRIBE (small group training), personal training, swimming (in the beautiful new pool), tennis, and pickleball.

With all this to offer, imagine how many weekly combinations you can come up with. You can stay motivated, keep your body responding at it’s best, and have lots of fun while you’re doing it.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing – human connection! It’s so important to incorporate people into your workout week. The energy, the friendship, the accountability, the support, not to mention a little healthy competition. There’s a lot of that happening at the club. So many friendships are started here.

So mix it up, change it up! And watch the positive results start to happen.